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Presenter profile: Linda Serck
Linda Serck

Join Linda Serck for The Session Introducing, BBC Radio Berkshire's Sunday night show dedicated to exploring the finest new and alternative music in Berkshire - every Sunday from 7pm.

Linda grew up in Holland but for the past decade she's established herself as a leading light of Berkshire's music scene.

Join Linda on The Session for sessions from top Berkshire bands, interviews with famous artists and the ever controversial demo panel.

What makes you laugh?

"Well ever since junior school I've been known as the 'crap joke queen'. It's because of my love of silly - bordering on downright awful - jokes. You know the ones, where everyone collectively groans once you deliver with gusto the cheesy punchline. Thing is, I find them hilarious.

"And I know you can't laugh at your own jokes, but you'll frequently find me doubling over at jokes such as: 'What do you get when you cross a robot with a pirate? ARRRRRGH 2D2'. Or 'What happened to the stupid tapdancer? He fell in the sink'. Brilliant! Just make sure I don't collar you for the 'bird on a piece of paper' joke…"

What's your most embarrassing moment on air?

"Possibly the most toe-curling episode was on Andrew Peach's programme years ago. I had to go out into a busy street, roaring traffic, bustling shoppers etc, and I had to feign, well, fainting. It was to highlight the reluctance of the general public to help someone who's collapsed in the street.

"I had to collapse not once, but three times, and all live on air, waiting to see if someone, anyone, would rush over to check I was okay.

"If that wasn't embarrassing enough, every thud of my torso on the cold hard pavement involuntarily caused me to groan 'sex line-like' down my mobile. Nice."

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"My favourite place in Berkshire, and I know thousands will back me up on this, is the legendary After Dark club in London Street, Reading. It's an institution. It's been around for 30 years. And for me has the best 80s night on the planet. Many happy memories in that place!"

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"Well it seems I've come a long way working for BBC Berkshire here in Caversham - about three miles to be exact as I used to pull pints down the Purple Turtle bar just down the road in Reading town centre.

"It's funny, some of punters I used to serve beer to are now musicians who play live sets on my show, and the owners Danny and Greg appear as regular demo panellists."

What's your favourite piece of music?

Well this is almost impossible to answer as music is pretty much my life.

Favourite music ranges from the sublime (Janis Joplin, Arcade Fire, Grandaddy, Velvet Underground) to the ridiculous (Ghostbusters, Aha, Wham etc).

But if I had to choose a song that will make my skin prickle each time and even sometimes make me shed a tear, it's Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen or Roberta Flack's First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.


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