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Page last updated at 15:49 GMT, Thursday, 19 August 2010 16:49 UK
Visitors to a Bracknell estate are being clamped
Jennett's Park
Residents of Jennett's Park are being targeted by clampers

As the Government takes steps to outlaw clamping, Bracknell residents are finding themselves the victims of ever more desperate clampers.

People parking in Jennett's Park say they are being tormented by clampers who lie in wait for them in side roads.

The clampers have even targeted a delivery van with the driver inside.

The AA said clampers were resorting to "outrageous" measures in order to maximise profits before being shut down by the Government.

Back turned

AA spokesman Paul Watters said: "Just in the last few weeks we've heard of incredible excesses.

"We're hearing more and more cases like this."

One resident of Jennett's Park said her mother was clamped and fined £250 while helping her 90-year-old grandmother across the road.

Fay Carr Jones said: "My mother came to visit us and she wasn't familiar with the estate.

"She was clamped within 40 seconds of getting out of her vehicle.

"They must have been parked in one of the side roads, seen my mum come past, got out and clamped her while her back was turned.

"They are waiting to get you."

Chris Wright
Residents have complained that the signage on the estate is not clear

Chris Wright from Osprey Avenue said: "I was in my bedroom and I just happened to look out of the window and notice a delivery van driver pull up.

"I believe he was looking at a map to see where he was supposed to be to make a delivery.

"Suddenly a recovery vehicle pulled up behind him and the passenger jumped out, and put a clamp on the rear wheel of the vehicle.

"The driver got out to ask what they were doing, they put a clamp on the front of the vehicle and then took a picture of him."

'Obscure visibility'

In a statement, Park Direct Ltd said: "Park Direct Limited is instructed to do a job by the client.

"There is strictly no parking on the access roads around Jennett's Park - Park Direct Limited have to carry out the parking enforcement and the signs are there warning drivers of this."

Parking notice
The consortium says it does not benefit financially from the wheel clamping.

Development consortium Persimmon Homes and Redrow Homes said in a statement: "The wheel clamping procedures are in place on these private roads to assist in protecting the residents and the workforce from accidents caused by parked vehicles which obstruct the road and obscure visibility."

The Government has pledged to end clamping on private land, but the legislation will not come into effect until the Freedom Law becomes a Freedom Act.

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