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Berkshire's election stories as the nation votes
by Emma Midgley and Jenny Minard
BBC Berkshire Reporters

Rivermead Reading Local Council Election count
The count gets underway at Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading

Local Election

There was further election excitement in Berkshire on Friday, 7 May after the results of the local elections were announced.

Reading Borough Council

Labour held on to power at Reading Borough Council after winning one more seat and remain the biggest party.

The Conservatives lost to Labour in Minster ward, while Liberal Democrats gained Katesgrove.

Reading remains a hung council with Labour the largest group with 19 councillors.

The Tories have 17, the Liberal Democrats have nine and the council has its first Green Party councillor in the guise of Rob White who also stood in Reading East in the General Election.Rob Wilson is the Conservative MP for Reading East.

He said that working with a hung council such as Reading Borough Council, made it "difficult" to make decisions.

For a full list of the results go to Reading Borough Council

Slough Borough Council

Slough's The Centre
Votes are counted at The Centre in Slough where Labour held power

Labour has kept control of Slough Borough Council following the local elections. Labour gained two seats and now hold 24 of the 41 seats on the council.

They gained seats for candidate Pavitar Mann in the Britwell ward and for candidate Sukhjit Dhaliwal in Wexham Lea ward.

They held on to the rest of the seats they already occupied of Baylis and Stoke, Central, Chavley, Cippenham Green, Cippenham Meadows, Farnham and Upton.

Liberal Democrat candidate Robert Plimmer held on to the seat in Foxborough but lost Haymill to Conservative candidate Anna Wright.

For a full list of results go to Slough Borough Council

Wokingham Borough Council

Prue Bray
Prue Bray, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Wokingham

The Conservatives hold power in Wokingham following the local elections. They hold 43 seats and Liberal Democrats 11 seats.

The votes were counted at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre in Wokingham. there were 20 seats up for grabs in the election.

The total turnout for was 71.33% and the total number eligible to vote was 98,852.

For a full list of results go to Wokingham Borough Council

On Saturday, 8 May, Andrew Peach will be broadcasting a special live election show with all the fall-out from the General and Local Elections.

The show, starting at 9am, will focus on the result and the impact it has on you.

To listen online go to iPlayer

General Election

Alok Sharma
Alok Sharma has taken Reading West from Labour

Reading West

RESULT: win for Alok Sharma (Con) with a majority of 6,004 (43.2% of total votes)

In 2005 Martin Salter (Lab) won with 45.0% of the vote.

Reading West was the only constituency to change hands in Berkshire.

The 12% swing from Labour to the Conservatives was also the largest seen in Berkshire.

The seat was formerly held by Martin Salter for 13 years. Mr Sharma acknowledged that his predecessor had a "good reputation" and was a "good local MP".

He said: "One thing I would want to do is to follow in the footsteps of both Martin Salter and before him Tony Durant, both extremely dedicated to their constituencies and took up the issues that really mattered."

Reading East

RESULT: win for Rob Wilson (Con) with a majority of 7,605 (42.6% of total votes)

In 2005 Rob Wilson (Con) won with 35.6% of the vote.

Speaking to Andrew Peach, BBC Radio Berkshire's political reporter Tiffany Foster said that the Liberal Democrats had had an "interesting night" in Reading East, moving ahead of Labour with the second largest share of the vote.

"I think there's been delight in Reading East that Rob Wilson has been able to extend his majority significantly from the 475 he had last time round," said Tiffany. "The Liberal Democrats in Reading East certainly an interesting night, they have now moved into second place in Reading East and again they are absolutely delighted with that.

"Rob Wilson actually paid tribute to Anneliese Dodds, the Labour candidate who actually fell to third place in this election, as a very good campaigner who had a bright future ahead of her."

Bracknell Forest

RESULT: win for Phillip Lee (Con) with a majority of 15,704 (59% of total votes)

In 2005 Andrew MacKay (Con) won this seat with a majority of 49%.

Speaking shortly after the result was declared, newly elected Conservative MP for Bracknell, Dr Phillip Lee, said he will keep on a second home in London.

Dr Lee's predecessor Andrew MacKay was forced to step down following the MP expenses scandal.

The count in pictures

Dr Lee said: "I don't make the rules. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has decided that Bracknell is entitled to a second residence.

"I am going to have a bolt hole, a tiny little place I can kip in the evening. I'm not going to make any capital gains on this, I'm not going to be able flip it.

"All those dreadful things that happened in the past, I cannot do.

"I'm going to take that up and I've said that since I got selected as a candidate.

"I've been quite transparent and honest about it, and 27,000 people agree with me."


RESULT: win for Fiona Mactaggart (Lab) with a majority of 5,523 (45.8% of total votes)

In 2005, Fiona Mactaggart (Lab) won this seat with 46.2% of the votes.

After a long night in Slough in which the count was delayed until 0330 GMT, Ms McTaggart said she had been up for 25 hours. She said that people wanted politicians to listen to them and agreed with BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach that Gordon's Brown resignation would be the "honourable thing to do".

"If I was him I would [resign]" she said, "but it's his decision and constitutionally he doesn't have to do that and he might choose not to. I think it's very important to respect the consequences of democracy. I've always supported proportional representation and that would give a clearer answer here.

"People have decided that they want something different."


RESULT: win for Richard Benyon (Con) with a majority of 12,248 (56.4% of total votes)

In 2005 Richard Benyon won this seat with a majority of 49% of total votes.

Richard Benyon was at the count with his father, Sir William Benyon, who also stood as a Conservative MP in the 1970s.

Sir William said: "Curiously it was exactly the same, I had a very small majority in my first election and a bigger one in the second one."

Mr Benyon said that he was trying to deter his sons from entering politics by making them deliver leaflets.


RESULT: win for John Redwood (Con) with a 13,492 majority (52.7% of the vote).

In 2005, John Redwood won with a 48.1% share of the vote.

John Redwood said he was "delighted" with his result.

Mr Redwood, who has held the seat since 1987, retained it once more with 28,754 votes.

He was far ahead of his Liberal Democrat rival Prue Bray, aged 52, who took just 28% of the vote polling 15,262 votes.


RESULT: win for Theresa May (Con) with a majority of 16,769 (59.5% of total votes)

In 2005 Theresa May won this seat with 58.1% of the vote

In Maidenhead Conservative candidate Theresa May said voters were keen to see change.

"There are some interesting results coming through," she said: " I think the message the voters are giving Labour is very clearly that they don't want them in government, that they are rejecting them, they are rejecting the 13 years of Labour failure, and they are voting for change.

"I think many voters will feel pretty hard done by if after voting against Labour they then find that Labour are somehow clinging on to power."


RESULT: win for Adam Afriyie (Con) with a majority of 19,054 (60.8% of total vote)

In 2005 Adam Afriyie won this seat with 49.5% of the vote

Opponents of the third runway at Heathrow will be cheered by a promise made by the newly elected MP for Windsor, who achieved an impressive increase in his share of the vote.

Speaking to BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach on the night of the General Election, Adam Afriyie said: "If the Conservatives do win through over the next day or so, it's looking like we can't if we're the biggest party and we form a government, then the third runway will not go ahead, and I'm delighted about that and the majority of Windsor residents are delighted about that.

"That's a really big tick in the box, for being able to deliver for the people of Windsor and the areas around."

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