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Did a Good Samaritan help you in the snow?

Snow caused gridlock on the Aldermaston road outside the AWE site.

Snow brought Berkshire to a standstill last night, but residents came together to help each other through the night.

In Peppard Road, Caversham residents tried to stop people crashing into abandoned cars during the snowy conditions.

Reading Salvation Army offered lodging and food to those stuck in the snow, and the Caversham Heights Methodist church gave shelter to those stranded.

Did a Good Samaritan help you last night?
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Sarah Kohorn, Reading

I would like a tribute to go to the paperboys. My son, Daniel, is out today making sure papers get delivered. He delivers round Wokingham road area in Earley. He went down at 6.30 this morning to be told papers had not come through yet but was rung hour later to be asked to go back to deliver as had now arrived. He's been doing a morning paper-round for over 4 years 7 days a week whatever the weather - not sure people always appreciate what the paper-boys do and think be great if they could be given that apprecation and recognition - it is actually a tough job - those papers weigh a lot especially in the snow and ice! and not delivering on bikes today!

Anon, Bracknell, Berks

Knowing how much snow was on the roads, my boyfriend decided to walk rather than drive home from his office.

Its normally a 25 min walk at the most, but an hour and a half later I'd not seen hide nor hair of him.

When he finally made it home (and thawed out with a cuppa) he regaled me with tales of the many cars he'd helped up hills.

Well done Mr Shady! :) I'm going to thank you on behalf of all of those people you helped!

Lisa, Arborfield

A BIG THANK YOU to the man in the white van who helped countless people out of Hartley Wintley towards Blackbush, he used countless countainers of antifreeze on the roads to help people get traction, if it wasn't for him my 5 hour journey (usually 20 mins!) could have been a hell of a lot longer! :-)

Jemma Stevens, Wokingham

I would like to thank the kind lady who lives near Earley station on the A329 who let me use her loo and gave me a some chocolate bars. I would also like to thank radio Berkshire for up to date travel reports and for keeping everyone informed as to what is going on. Fantastic job!

Alex Goodlet, Maidenhead

The weather forecast is for more snow next weekend and it might be helpful if I explain my theory and tip. Firstly a cold tyre on dry ice has a grip that is admittedly not a lot but signifcant. When you start off, go gently. Do not try to accelerate away. If you spin your wheels you wet the ice and tyres and you lose that grip. If your wheels start to spin take your foot off the accelerator. You will probably keep on moving forward and if you do stop it is not a disaster. Tyres cool quickly on ice. Forget that your wheels have been spinning and move off gently. It may help if you can roll back a few inches onto cold ice. I told my drivers to use first gear and this worked every time but may not be the best choice. Higher gears give less torque and reduces the likelyhood of wheel spin. Try to remember not to accelerate as normal but to very gradually increase your speed.

Wendy Somerville, Emmer Green

Please thank the lady who handed in my purse on the 23rd at the Oracle. In it was all my money for the Xmas food and present shop. I really felt as if my guardian angel was present. The kindness of people in Reading is amazing.

Josephine, Reading

Where to start. I would like to say thanks to the people helping me down Burghfield Hill, thanks to the lady that stopped to give my mum a lift on her not anticipated walk back from Reading to Burghfield, thanks to the men in the white van who must have got out 3 or 4 times along Tilehurst Road to rescue me as I slid off to the side of the road, thanks to the two young men that did the same further up and thanks to the wonderful Community Police officer who provided a much needed calm voice and good spirit whilst helping me up the hill by Honey End Lane with some other 'volunteers'. Thanks also to all my friends that kept in touch on the way home, my husband that walked 2 miles to come and help me and our two friends that then put us up over night as we got home to find no electricity! And who says community spirit is dead!

Derek Chisholm, Otaki New Zealand

On Monday afternoon I had just had just handed back my company car on my last day at work intending to leave UK after 5 years and return to my homeland in New Zealand. Within 30 minutes I was stranded at Twyford station with no means of getting to my flat at Sonning as the taxis were not running because of the snow. My good samaritan Gary took me home to his family, Sally and two girls Katie and Laura, put me up for the night and then Tuesday morning Gary drove me back to Sonning with a bit of pushing and shoving. I packed up in super quick time then out to Heathrow in the nick of time and off to NZ. What an incredible last night in UK! I am eternally grateful to Sally Gary and the girls for looking after me.

Just an amaising show of Christmas kindness.


Brenda, Tadley

I would like to give a special mention to Glen, the taxi driver who took my husband & I to the Kings Singers concert in Reading on Tuesday night. He gave us a safe journey there and back in spite of the condition of the roads between Tadley and Reading, which hadn't seen any sign of a snow plough or gritters. Thanks again Glen.

Rob, Reading

I was stuck on the A4155, after 8 hours and just short of home in Caversham I got to a dip just before the Flowing Spring pub.

At this location there were 3 guys who not only pushed my car up that hill - 3 times! But possibly many tens, hundreds? of other cars!

Much heartfelt thanks and appreciation to them! They prevented a 9 hour journey (Henley to Caversham) from becoming a 16 hour journey.

Adam Evans, Mortimer, Berkshire

I would really like to thank the guys on the hill on the A33 north of Chineham, who, after getting stuck themselves, spent the rest of the night pushing others (including myself) up the hill, and directing the down hill traffic. I woudl not have gotten home without them.

Ian Cuthbert, Reading

Took over 8 hours to get home 5 miles from Foster Wheeler to Prospect Park on Monday.

Could still see traffic on Liebenrood Road out of my window at 1am.

Yesterday decided to walk it with trekking poles & they were fantastic. Got a few comments and thanks to the guy from Whitley in a 4x4 pick up who was offering lifts to many people.

Jonathan Humphreys, Reading

It took me 8.5 hours to get home to Tilehurst village from Winnersh triangle on Monday night.

Like many others I took the long way round via Liebenrood Road and the Meadway in order to avoid any steep hills.

Even so, the hill by the Honey end lane turning was proving too much for a lot of vehicles. Here, though, a small army of people had come out of their houses to give those that needed it enough of a shove to get them moving up the hill.

Thanks to all those people for their vital assistance in keeping the traffic moving.

Jeff Martin, Reading

Travelling from Bracknell to Tilehurst, I got caught up in the chaos. Easily got to Wokingham via back roads but stuck there moving just 100 metres in two hours. Fuel extremely low.

Went in to the Victoria pub to borrow phone after I resigned to the fact that a 10+ mile walk home only option. A local Samaritan insisted I swap my trainers for a pair of sturdy work boots and a waterproof jacket that he had in his Van. Totally trusting I would bring them back. I surely will do.

A big thanks to John. I'll be in to buy him a drink as soon as I can. Disappointingly, returned to the car, via excellent rail service by 10am today, to find a rude note asking not to park there along with another abandoned Ford KA.

Wokingham has it's Heroes and it's Zero's. Ridiculous. In the miles of traffic I passed I was amazed at how civil and helpful everybody was. A surreal night that's for sure.

Rolf, Reading

I would like to say thank you to the lady in the 4x4 who stopped and gave my in-laws a lift from St Peter's Avenue. With her help they got home safely.

Faye Clark, Honiton Devon

I wanted to say a huge thank you for last night (Mondat, 21 December). I started my journey at 1pm travelling from Enfield Middx to Honiton Devon. I got caught on the M3 between fleet and Basingstoke from 6pm onwards.

I have not got experience with driving in snow and no other station was really giving up dates with the traffic and snow as you were. Frankly I was pretty scared being alone and the unknown.

Your show kept me going, I felt safer listening and knowing other people out there was in the same boat as me. I finally got home at 9.30pm safe! Thank you again for helping through a very difficult journey that I hope I never have to do again.

Amanda Readings, Basingstoke

I would just like to say a huge thanks to all staff at the Texaco/Somerfield Garage in Basingstoke. I was stuck on Grove Road for three hours, but the staff were keeping spirits high.

We were lucky to be able to use the toilet, have a sandwich and a hot drink, which made the awful situation a lot more bearable. The staff had no idea what time they would be going home, they were rushed off their feet but they didn't let it dampen their spirits. Thanks again!!

Sue, Reading

Thank you to Radio Berkshire for keeping me sane during my over 5 hour journey from Tadley to Lower Earley yesterday.

Also, thanks to the people lining Beech Lane, advising us how to drive up the hill and not get stuck. I eventually managed to crawl into my garage and have left the car there since last night and not ventured out today at all!

Saw someone with shovel and carpet for traction trying to get out of our car park this morning. Also thanks to my kind neighbour for shovelling/sweeping away the snow on our communal footpaths. A true friend to us all!

Lyn, Sherfield on Loddon

I would like to say BIG THANKS to BBC Radio Berkshire, who kept me entertained during 9hrs journey from Langley (J5 on M4) to Sherfield on Loddon , Hampshire (A33). Left 5pm, arrived at home 2.30am.

I was also "very impressed" by the gritter services! The first one I saw was at 2am in the morning, and drove so fast - that didn't clear any snow. Again - this was an excellent example that this country can not cope with any weather conditions, apart from light rain!

Carole Trott, Tilehurst

I would like to thank al those people in Tadley by the Fighting Cocks pub, who were pushing cars up that part of the hill and handing out hot coffee.

I feel that BBC Radio Berkshire also deserves a big thank you for keeping everyone updated on the situation as well as keeping me amused, which after taking 13 hours to get from Basingstoke to Tilehurst was just what the doctor ordered.

Judith, Sonning Common

I'd like to say a big thank you to the man driving a 4x4 from the Royal Berkshire Hospital to Gallowstree Common last night (Monday, 21 December). He kindly stopped and offered me a lift at the water tower out to the end of my road in Sonning Common. He also stopped for two other ladies too.

After 2 hrs of not getting very far in the centre of Reading I decided to leave the car at Reading station and walk to Sonning Common. The lift for that last bit of the journey into the Oxfordshire lanes where there are no pavements was so welcome! Thank you.

Fran, Tilehurst

A huge thank you to the fantastic team at the top of Dark Lane who pushed my car up the last bit of the hill. Wouldn't have got up without them!

It seems that that the worst weather, can bring out the best in people.

John Rangecroft, Sonning Common

Driving home up Caversham hill, men women and teenagers pushed us over the top otherwise we would have had to abandon the car. Many thanks.

And then nearer home drivers got out of their cars and lorries and pushed us past an abandoned car so that we could finally reach our house where are neighbours pushed us into our drive because the snow was now six inches deep.

We are so grateful for all this kindness.

Rob West, Shinfield

Nice to read some positive stories of everyone helping each other out, its a shame there were still some selfish idiots out there trying to push in and overtake in dangerous conditions.

Special mention to the woman who overtook me on hollow lane last night only to nearly crash into an abandoned delivery truck! I hope you all have shovels in the boots of your cars now!

Su and Sandra, Calne, Wiltshire

Just wanted to thank the presenters of last night's show (Monday, 21 December) 21.30pm to 02.30am

You kept us going along the M4 in all that chaotic traffic with your humour, excellent traffic news and music.

Whilst our journey of over 5 hours was not as bad as many of your listeners, for us it was a nightmare.

Thank you to you all you kept us sane and awake. Kind regards - Su and Sandra (travelling home to Calne in Wiltshire from Covent Garden London).

Amalia, Lower Earley

I left Monk Sherbourne in Tadley, at 14.10, 45 mins journey took me 5 hours.

I want to thank every one at BBC Berkshire for a brilliant service, also like to thank the two men who helped me, when I was skidding in a ditch on the A33 and a couple that helped me on the round about by the Black Boy in Shinfield.

Merry Christmas to all!

Michelle Hutchinson, Lower Earley

I'd like to say a big thank you to all at BBC Radio Berkshire for keeping us going whilst stuck in our cars yesterday (Monday, 21 December).

I left the Oracle at 2pm and didn't get to my son's nursery in Woodley until 7pm.

Inge Athey, Wokingham

My mum had just arrived from a flight from Frankfurt. BA was wonderful and put my mum in a taxi around 6 o'clock.

He dropped my mum off at 10.30 at our house in Wokingham. He bought my mum food and drink as she had not eaten all day. He also called me so my mum could speak to me and I could reassure her that all was ok.

Apart from that my mum is 85 and hardly speaks any English. Thank you again to the driver of this taxi.

Lesley Boardley, trustee of the Chiltern Centre and member of Reading Bach choir

Just to say thank you for your brilliant broadcasting.

Reading Bach choir were due to sing carols at Reading station this evening in aid of the Chiltern Centre for Disabled children giving short term breaks to local youngsters and their families.

I decided to cancel this morning (Tuesday, 22 December) but enough singers have contacted me to say they are prepared to walk in - so we are going ahead from 5.30pm - 6pm (or longer if we are not frozen to the spot)!

Fantastic what people will do for others!!

Keep up the good work

Irene Gooenough, Thatcham

I was on the number one bus from Reading to Newbury and I got on at 2.30pm and I got to Northfield Road at 7.30. I'd like to thank the bus driver because she didn't give up and she had to get back from Newbury to Reading.

Jo Evans, Newbury

Hi - I just wanted to say a big thank you to your presenters last night who kept me thoroughly entertained and informed on the ever changing situation out on the road....just a shame they couldn't organise the portaloo and burger van for the M4 :o)

I think if I hadn't have tuned in I would have lost all patience driving from Brentford to Newbury which took me over 6 hours!

Thank you very very much for keeping me sane all the way home

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Mike, Reading

I'd like to thank two people who pushed my car up brookers hill and another two that helped push me off the blackboy roundabout. Without their help, I'd have had to abandon the car.

Many many thanks. Its so nice to see people come together and help in situations like this.

Anne Coomb, Woodcote

Thank you to the lovely lady in Boots at the Reading Station who let my mother and 10 year old daughter who were stranded, use the phone, hoping they dont get into trouble but mum doesnt have a mobile and had no way of getting them home!!! Many thanks for that!!!! Boots thumbs up!!! xx

Stuart Carlile, Newbury

Please say thanks to the countless people around Wokingham & A327 for offering cups of tea/snacks to the thousands of slow moving cars. It was much appreciated & very generous.

Mick Polleck, Caversham

My neighbour Graham Smith organised a group of blokes who spent over 5 hours helping people on the junction of Henley Road and Lower Henley.

Na'ima, Reading

Coming out of work, a lovely lady gave me a push up a snowy hill... it struck me, I dont know what she did after that. How did she get home? God bless.

The whole 4 and a half hour journey home (usually 10 minutes!) i nearly had a tear in my eye, particularly a couple of guys in a plumbers' van who who KEPT getting out of their car to push vans, cars etc who stuck in the junction at the relief road. There are so many good people out there. May god bless u all!

Chris, Aldermaston

It took me 5 hrs to drive from Blackbushe to Thatcham (home) yesterday evening.

Travelled via Mortimer and Aldermaston.

Got stuck on the hill from Mortimer station to the village by stationary traffic.

Was offered a tow up the hill for £10.00 which I refused and was told 'well you'll have a long wait then'

Anyway traffic started to move and with a little help from passers by (had cleared snow from under the wheels with shovel I carry during the winter).

Was up the hill within 10 minutes - a very long stop!

Got through Mortimer heading towards Aldermaston along Welshman's Road and got stuck again trying to get up another hill.

Was again offered a £10.00 tow - again refused.

Could not make this one, so turned round and found an alternative route.

Other than that got home OK if a little late.

Louise Gosling, Reading

BIG BIG thank you to the guys on Reading Bridge who were pushing cars over the bridge from the roundabout - your help was VERY much appreciated by me and by the others you helped. Thanks also to those helping at Donkin Hill in Caversham. You were all very kind.

Claire Finney, Reading

A big thank you to the residents of Priest Hill who were scraping the road of snow and ice, and helped me get my car down the hill. They were incredible and are truly remarkable people. Thank you very much

Jim Hunter, Andover

Me and my family were stuck in basingstoke last night ( went to pick up our girls from their aunt in basingstoke .left andover at 3.30pm arrived home 1.30am ). would like to thank the residnts of windchester road in basingstoke for the hot drinks and nibbiles.

Gary Bishop, Reading

I spent over 4 hours pushing cars up the hill on Redlands road last night, well done to the chaps from the St Johns Ambulance and Reading buses for helping out too. Hard work, but most people said thankyou!

Vicky Enefer, Bracknell, Binfield

I'd like to thank the 10-15 ppl along Temple way who even manged to help a TESCO HGV lorry get up the hill that was blocking residents from attempting to get home. The 5 minute normal journey from work to home, did take nearly two hours, but wihtout these guys pushing countless cars and vans up these two small hills, i would have been stuck, or walking, and being pregnant, i didn't fancy the second or even the first. The guys did an amazing job and were out there for nearly 4 hours helping hundreds of motorists. Where were the police n council when we needed them? The Binfield snow ploughers... i salute and thank you! x

Melanie Woodcock, Burghfield Common

Thank you to the amazing people who ensured I got home safely from Reading - including the true gentleman from Tilehurst who drove my car up Castle Hill for me after I had lost control of it. Also to the endless people who lined the Reading road in yellow jackets (where did they all appear from???)along the Cunning Man, Burghfield Bridge etc Thank You all

Debbie Porter, Reading

I'd like to thank all the people on the Meadway who pushed everyone up the incline at Honey End Lane junction. Nobody in Tilehurst would have got home without them.

Leslie Macdonald, Reading

Thanks to all the boys and girls who helped us push cars up Redlands Road Hill last night especially Garry and Gemma who was on her way to do a night shift at the Berks, they joined my son Charlie and husband John to push about 40 cars and the odd ambulance up the steep part of the hill while I tried to redirect other cars away from the bottom of the road and park them up so they could walk home or find somewhere for the night. So heartwarming as when we were tired out another team took our place. Great British spirit.

Kate, Reading, Berkshire

Radio Berkshire saved me last night. I left (in a manner of speaking) Farnborough at 15.20 and got to Southcote at 00.45. It took me until gone 6pm to travel a few miles from Farnborough to Fleet! A colleague took me in for a while and I used the BBC Berks travel page and listened to the travel to decide when to leave again.

The frequent travel updates on the radio gave me the confidence to continue my journey and the info on the website helped me plan a route.

I made it home OK thanks to you guys (and my caring colleague in Hampshire!).

Thanks to everyone at BBC Berkshire last night.

Grace Turner, Tidmarsh, West Berkshire

I would like to thank BBC Berkshire for keeping me going last night they were very entertaining. I was stuck in my car for over 8 hours travelling from Twyford to Tidmarsh. I eventually got home at 12pm. I would like to thank the lady who was giving out hot sausages and home made warm bisuits on the A4 from Twyford toward Reading they were very welcome.

Anouska Henderson, Reading

We had to leave our shopping at Morrisons in Reading last night, we were relying on a taxi as we don't have a car. Returned to get it this morning with camping rucksacks as we thought we'd have to walk home with it. Realising there was still far too much to carry and still with no taxis running we were stranded!

Luckily an extremely kind man, Billy, who had been shopping there went out of his way to drive us home and wouldn't accept anything for it.

We want to thank him so much and wish him and his family a very happy christmas.

Karl Turner-Howe, Binfield, Bracknell

I was one of the binfield snow ploughers who helped many cars and a Tesco lorry up Temple Way and Mill Green for over 3 hours. It was a coming together of the community to help others.

I'd like to thank all the other people that helped and to the couple who lent me their spade to clear the ice

Anna, Reading, Berkshire

Walking home at 8pm last night (had parked car), there were 3 or 4 men standing in the snow on the IDR at the Gt Knollys St/ Stanshawe Road junction directing the traffic so that non-one could block the junction. Traffic was slowly starting to move - albeit not that fast or far. Having being sitting for two hours trying to get onto the IDR earlier, I really appreciated their efforts!

Ali Costelloe, Reading

I was stuck on the IDR for 3 hours, eventually parked in the Oracle Holy Brook. The Staff there were very helpful, spent ages clearing the ramp and helping me up it. My parking was free overnight and I was really impressed by the community spirit around Reading yesterday.

Thanks to BBCRB for keeping us all updated and entertained

Phil, Reading

A big thank you to the people giving out warm mince pies on St Peter's Hill last night! It made it slighlty more bearable, having taken about 4 hours to drive there from Oxford, and then having to walk another 3 miles from there to get home!

Les Craig, Tadley

I want to pay tribute to the bus driver on the No 2 bus that left Basingstoke at about 3.00 pm and arrived in Tadley at about 10.45. He stuck to his job looking after his passengers and even stopped at Basingstoke hospital for a 'pit stop'. I organised a collection for him and when I presented it to him all the other passengers gave him a round of applause.

Ross Hammett, Reading

During my journey home last night (8hrs for a normal journey of 35 mins), not one person came out of the several homes I passed to even check on myself of other drivers stuck in stationary traffic. I would personally like to thank the family of one particular house who whatched myself and other drivers out of their dining room window, taking pleasure in displaying the food and drink they were eating while laughing and giving "thumbs down" gestures to myself and other stranded drivers!!

Fiona Keyte, Bracknell, UK

Just like to say thanks to all those who helped me push my car to the curb when I broke down in the snow outside the New Leathern Bottle on the way towards Bracknell. I walked home in the end!!!

Sue Donnellan, Reading

I'd like to say a big thank you to the staff of the Wee Waif hotel, who very kindly allowed us to sleep in the bar, after all the rooms were taken.

Jessica, Reading

I would like to thank the lovley people at Reding Buses who came out offering chocolates and the people on Caversham Road offering hot drinks and the lovely chaps at the bottom of Peppard Road who helped us up the hill - they were all amazing! Thank you

Ryan Bloomfield, Caversham

There were some residents helping cars through Sonning and over the bridge. I just want to say thanks to these guys otherwise I would never of got home.

Caroline Farmiloe, Berkeley Avenue, Reading

Would like to say thank you to the 2 men on Berkeley Avenue last night who were putting gritting down and digging people out of the snow. My friend and I took 6 hours to gety home through town and these 2 helped.

Jonathan, Hook, Hampshire

Thanks to the sports car lady from West Green and the chap with a 4WD for dragging and pushing my car out of a hole near the Leather Bottle, Mattingley. I owe you both a pint!

Rebecca Knight, Camberley, Surrey

I work at Chiltern College Nursery on the Peppard Road in Caversham- it took me just over 5 hours to get home to Camberley in Surrey. I would really like to thank all the helpers in Sonning, Berkshire for pushing my car over the Sonning bridge and around the corner towards Woodley and the A329. Also a huge thankyou to BBC Berkshire Radio- it kept me sane knowing I was not the only one in that situation. It really was awful evening but showed what great british spirit we have!! Many thanks again to the people of Sonning!

Leanne Summers, Basingstoke to Newbury

Thank you so much to all the people walking past the grid locked traffic in Basingstoke yesterday that helped to push my car! I was stuck several times and about 5 different people who are complete strangers to me stopped to help and push!

The kindness and support was much appreciated. It took me 5 hours to get home last night but without your help I would've spent the night in my car!

Paul, Bracknell

I'd like to say thanks for the guys who are working at junction 11. When a lorry got stuck coming out of Reading towards ther M4 they did do a wonderful job getting it out. I have to say tho that the police station near by had plenty of officers looking out the window, watching, while having a coffee without offering any help. The police were a disgrace!

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