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Page last updated at 17:09 GMT, Wednesday, 25 November 2009
Local heroes honoured at awards
By Jenny Minard
BBC Berkshire reporter

Andrew Peach and Georgia Blanshard
Andrew Peach and Child of Courage Georgia Blanshard

A 10-year-old girl who saved her father's life has been named the Child of Courage at an awards evening.

Georgia Blanshard was on holiday with her father Tim Hollis when he fell into a diabetic coma while he was driving.

The quick thinking school girl was on hand with her mobile phone to ring for help - which saved her father's life.

The awards evening, held at The Grange Hotel in Bracknell was hosted by BBC Radio Berkshire presenters Andrew Peach and Debbie McGee.

Pride of Bracknell
Andrew Peach and Debbie McGee presented the awards

Awards winner Georgia, who spoke to Andrew Peach after the event on Monday, 23 November, explained what happened on that day in August.

She said: "It was the first day of a camping trip and he lost control. Dad was driving and he just suddenly blinked and it was just like he turned off.

"He was still driving but quite slowly and he turned off the road into this private path and the car squished into the stone path. It was horrible.

"I didn't know what to do. I just thought, hang on I've got a phone. So I thought I'd ring my mum but she was in the shower so she couldn't hear the phone.

"So I thought I'd ring my auntie and I rang her and she told me to hang up and ring the 999 police. I had to tell them where I was because we were basically in the middle of nowhere. And in about 15 to 20 minutes they came."

Brave star

Georgia's aunt Liz Blanshard explained the moment she picked up the phone. "It wasn't a very nice moment, it was unbelievable really. Georgia was still remaining calm but she was in tears. And she was just so worried about her daddy sitting next to her.

"The only course of action was for Georgia to phone the police from where she was which is exactly what she did. She behaved admirably. She is a star. She really is."

Georgia who is from North Ascot said her father had thanked her and was really proud of her. Mr Hollis, who lives in Surrey, was taken to hospital for checks and had recovered by the evening.

Helen Barnett from Bracknell Regeneration Partnership who organised the event in partnership with Bracknell News said it aimed to praise the dedication and integrity of all the stars in Bracknell.

Helen said: "We've had more nominations than ever before of all the unsung heroes of Bracknell. All the people who go that extra mile who really need to be appreciated for what they do for the borough town and whole of Bracknell."

Sense of pride

Other winners on the night included midwife Berlin Collard who has run pioneering anti natal classes. She won the Community Volunteer Award.

PSCO Hilary Hyslop, a former childminder who in her first 12 months in the job has already made an impression on her beat area, won the My Hero award.

Helen added: "What we're after is a sense of pride. We want people to be proud of where they live and we really think these people are going the extra mile. They really are proud of their communities and the groups that they work with."

The black-tie dinner raised more than £1,000 for Thames Valley Air and Chiltern Air Ambulance. Helen said: "I'm extremely pleased. Everyone had a lovely evening. It's fantastic, a great evening for Bracknell."

Sheona Walker helped to organise the event, now in its 4th year. Her father, EastEnders actor Rudolph Walker was in the audience. She said: "It's so deserving of everybody in Bracknell. Taking a little from the Pride of Britain, we have these people in our area and there are so many people that do so much work that I think they deserve a nice evening, a bit of recognition and a pat on the back.

Rudolph Walker, who plays Patrick Trueman in EastEnders said: "The event is so important because all we hear are the negatives that people are doing in their community, so it's fantastic that people who are doing positive are recognised."


Eco Hero - Russell Bryant

Education Champion - Ian Clarke

Community Volunteer - Berlin Collard

Creative Hero - Shirley Burns

Special Town Centre Award - Becky Pearce and Susan Lewis from Bracknell Shop Mobility

Sporting Champion - Daniel Rose

My Hero - PCSO Hilary Hyslop

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