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Page last updated at 14:48 GMT, Tuesday, 17 November 2009
The best of Berkshire roundabouts
By Emma Midgley
BBC Berkshire Reporter

Bracknell's Jennett's Park Roundabout
Jennett's Park roundabout stars in a new roundabout calendar

"I've never seen a naked lady diving into a roundabout," says Kevin Beresford, president of the UK Roundabouts Association.

"I'd like to know where they got the idea for that design!"

Kevin is talking about Bracknell's Jennett's Park roundabout, which is featured on his latest calendar.

The roundabout connoisseur has produced a calendar of the UK's greatest gyratories to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the roundabout.

Holding pride of place in September is the Jennett's Park roundabout. Slough's Brunel roundabout has also featured in a previous book by Kevin.

The Jennett's roundabout is decorated with an eight-metre-high female statue - called Life and designed by the artist Lucy Glendinning - at the entrance to Jennett's Park housing development.

Jennett's Park Roundabout features a statue called 'Life'

Slough's Brunel roundabout shot to fame after being featured in the opening scene of hit television sitcom, The Office.

However, the roundabout, bus station and much of the surrounding area featured in the programme's title sequence face demolition as part of the £400m Heart of Slough project.

Kevin, a former courier based in Redditch and long-time defender of Slough's Brunel roundabout, began producing roundabout calendars in 2002.

He said: "Redditch is famous for its roundabouts. We've done Swindon, which is our biggest seller, followed by Milton Keynes.

"We are doing a Best of British Roundabouts calendar for 2010, as it's 100 years since the first roundabout."

History of the roundabout

Kevin said that, contrary to popular belief, the roundabout was invented in the United States.

He said: "The first roundabout was in Columbus Circus, New York, but roundabouts never caught on in the States. It was the French who really developed them.

"The first English roundabout was in Letchworth Garden City."

Kevin said that, as president of the UK Roundabouts Association, he gets emails from all over the world.

He has also produced a calendar of prisons which includes Reading Prison, and a calendar featuring road kill.

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Graham Forster, Bracknell

I bet this bloke is a gas on a night out. I can't see this being the number one best seller this Christmas. I gave my wife a choice. Did she want this calender or Johnny Depp. She is still thinking.

Chris, Reading

This is potentially the most boring calendar ever made. I shall be buying one or two as Christmas presents just for the comedy factor!

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