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Get technical with fantastic Mr Fogg
by Matthew Crist

Mr Fogg
Mr Fogg's new single is Stung

Making a welcome re-appearance on The Session was Reading artist Mr Fogg.

He spoke about playing in front of expectant festival goers, his fears of technical hiccups and how he goes about creating his unique sound.

"It's all done in the dead of the night using computers. I was originally playing guitar but I abandoned that when I started Mr Fogg," he revealed.

Using computers these days you can create any sound you want, if you want a trombone you can get a sample.

"There are instruments as well, I use a harp so it's not totally synthetic."

In Iceland

Mr Fogg was on The Session in November, just before a trip to Iceland to record some tracks for the new album, he spoke about what had taken him there.

"I went there because I was looking for someone to record with.

"I had gone through some CDs I owned looking for a producer and sent some music to Icelandic producer Valgeir Sigurdsson and he liked what he heard.

"I went for five days initially and it went amazingly well, I ended up going back three times in total."

Going alone

The Mr Fogg project as it is today was formed at the end of 2005 after several failed attempts with other bands forced him to go it alone and become a musical jack of all trades.

"I had been in a band since the age of fifteen but decided I was going to do it alone," he said.

"I do a bit of everything now but the main thing I like doing is writing songs, everything else comes after that.

"I started writing songs when I was seven or eight at the piano and then it occurred to me I would have to sing these songs if they were going to be performed.

"Then I had to learn how to record, how to programme a drum machine and play bass guitar but it's all driven by the song writing."

Reading Festival

His efforts weren't in vain as he was given the chance to be the first act to play at the Reading Festival just a year later.

"I was the first band on at 11am on the Friday morning and the tent was packed."

Being a singer, songwriter, performer and producer certainly has benefits when it comes to musical creativity and independence but it means that there are few others to turn to should things go wrong.

"There are laptops and cables everywhere", he said. "I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it, if you are going to play a gig like Reading Festival you don't want it all to crash right in the middle."

The new single by Mr Fogg is Stung, taken from the debut album Moving Parts.

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