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Glastonbury will feature Berkshire bands in 2010
My Luminaries (c) James Dean White
My Luminaries will play the Queen's Head Stage at Glastonbury on Thursday 24 June.

As Glastonbury begins in a blaze of sunshine, Reading will be represented by musicians and DJs.

Reading DJ Pete Wheeler from Wonder Wheel Presents has been to the festival 13 times - this year will be his 14th.

This is also be the third time he DJs at the event at Worthy Farm in Somerset.

"When I played for the first time two years ago it was in the Lock Tavern tent and I played at midday on Sunday," he says.

"As you can imagine, most of the people there were hungover and just drinking coffee at trestle tables.

"So although it was an absolute dream come true to play at Glastonbury it was essentially a tea tent.

"Whereas last year was when I played on a sound system in the main market area. It was in a massive space and I played the Thursday afternoon which attracted hundreds of people - mainly because there was nothing else to see.

"It was a great deal of fun and the highlight of my DJ career."

"I got into it through the Oakford Social Club in Reading - the Lock Tavern is their parent bar - and they wanted to bring people from all over the country and I was the representative for the Oakford."

As you can imagine Pete has many stand-out memories about the festival.

"Even the years when it was ridiculously muddy there have been highlights.

"My favourite years have more been to do with the people I have gone with and the experiences rather than particular bands despite them being the main thing I'm interested in.

"I do enjoy seeing as many bands as I can, but generally the highlights come from other things you didn't expect to happen.

"My favourite thing at Glastonbury is to find somewhere I haven't been to before and generally each year there is somewhere either something they have built new or something I haven't been to.

"Last year I went to the Shangri La area which is a late night village - it only kicks off when the main stages end.

"It's like something out of another world, it's like Bladerunner. It's so bizarre. There are so many weird rooms and nooks and crannies you'd never know existed and everybody should go there.

"If you go to Glastonbury and all you do is watch a bunch of bands you've missed out."

Berkshire bands on the bill

Dry the River | BBC Introducing Stage | Sunday, June 27

Band member Scott says: "It's amazing, we're all really excited. When we found out we all jumped straight on the phone, I told my mum first. Everyone is really looking forward to it, it's really exciting. It's the biggest festival anyone of us have every played.

"To prepare we are rehearsing in our basement, making sure we're as worked as we can be to put on a good show.

"Apart from that, we will be just doing what we always do and looking forward to going out and having a good time.

"We tend to discuss the set-list for a while and there is a bit of back and forth between us. Pete usually has the final word. We pick which songs would be appropriate for that gig and for Glastonbury we are thinking of a summery sound, so we will pick maybe our upbeat songs.

"We're looking forward to just getting out there on that stage. It is just a really big momentous occasion for me - having gone to festivals for the last few years and finally getting to walk out on a stage and play one is pretty amazing."

My Luminaries | The Queen's Head stage | Thursday, 24 June

My Luminaries won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent contest in conjunction with Q Magazine.

James Ewers said: "The closer we get to it, the more exciting it is. We're starting to think about sorting our tent out and all that.

"Then actually thinking we are going to be playing. I think we are pretty much opening the festival where live rock music is involved. We're going to play to a full house. I can't wait it's going to be amazing.

Maximo Park opened the festival last year on the Queen's Head stage.

"We're not quite Maximo Park - they have had a lot of success, but it's good. It could have been any other band doing it, I'm glad it's us. I'm glad that we've been given the opportunity.

"The thing is, we just want to play as loud as we can and just have as much impact as we can in as short a time as possible. We're not going to do any long slow numbers, there is going to be a cover in there, to get people going.

"I'm going to be camping, but not really looking forward to that much if I'm honest. I am looking forward to seeing all the acts on the smaller stages this year.

"We just can't wait to play; it's great to play to a big crowd, especially a guaranteed big crowd.

The Julian Tulk Band

They got involved in the festival through the Chai Waller brand.

Band member Will says: "A friend of our managers runs a stage there and as a result she came to see us play live in Bath. "he really liked it so it went from there.

"It was in the pipeline for a while and took a lot of pestering, our manager was on at her for a while, after about three weeks, it was confirmed.

Fellow band member Griff said: "It's the most significant thing that has happened to us as a band. 2010 has been so good it's been so productive, there have been loads of gigs and that's just the icing on the cake.

"Hopefully we will be able to capitalise and get stuff off the back of it, I think we'll just keep practising and gigging.

"We will guest camping but it's not as glam as it sounds, it's literally behind the stage, there are no flash toilets or anything and I don't think there is a shower - I'm not sure I trust festival showers.

On top of that everyone is really excited to simply be given the tickets to go.

Griff said: "I wouldn't have been able to afford it at all and had no intentions of going. The tickets are so hard to get hold of. I had shut the idea out of my mind."

Willsays: "It's going to be amazing. You have expectations and to actually go to it, it's going to be so far and above what you imagine it to be.

"It is hard to get really excited. I have mixed days, sometimes I'm like, 'Oh my god, oh my god', and the next day I'm like, 'When is it going to happen? I'm sick of waiting for it'."

Barry says: "I only went the last year and I didn't see so much at the same time as packing so much in.

"There are areas I want to go to this year which I didn't manage to go to this year, the amount of people and the amount of walking - there were over 100,000 people. It's just incredible."

Tune into The Session Introducing on BBC Radio Berkshire on Sunday, June 27 at 1900 BST for a special Glastonbury show.

Glastonbury is on from Thursday, 24 June until Sunday, 27 June.

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