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In Session: Alexandra Legouix and The Sunflowers
By Matthew Crist

Alexandra Legouix
Alexandra Legouix and Martin Ellis in The Session

Dropping into the studio recently was Alexandra Legouix.

Along with co-writer and guitarist Martin Ellis, who also came in for a chat, they make up part of Alexandra Legouix and The Sunflowers.

She chatted about her BBC Introducing gig and how the band could have so nearly been called something completely different but for a garden centre.

After Alexandra had her music featured on the show she was asked to perform at Reading's Oakford Social Club.

"It was cool but also terrifying. Myself and Martin had been working on some other thing so when we were offered the gig it was a bit of a blind panic as we only had a few weeks to write enough material for a show.

"It was quite scary as it was the first time in years I had done any of my own writing but we had a good reaction after the first song", she says.

Decorating the band

Not only did the gig offer the band an opportunity to write and perform some new material it also played a large part in their change of identity.

"I decided that I wanted to decorate my band," Alexandra says.

"I'm quite an artistic person and I wanted to make the stage a bit more interesting. I went to a garden centre on an ivy mission but couldn't find any, so I picked up some sunflowers.

"At the gig when the musicians came back on stage they found their instruments and microphone stands were covered in sunflowers. It was Martin's wife that came up with the idea of the band being called The Sunflowers."

Not content with writing and performing with her band Alexandra also manages to fit in teaching, painting, event management, PR work as well as presenting local heats of Miss Great Britain, including Miss Reading, but if push came to shove what would she chose as her ideal career?

"A singing, presenting, artist", she claims keeping her options well and truly open.

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