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In Session: Stephen Caulfield tells all about Twitter
By Matthew Crist

Stephen Caulfield
Stephen Caulfield paid a visit to BBC Radio Berkshire

Essex born Reading resident and solo music maestro Stephen Caulfield joined The Session for a chat.

He talked about his passion for making music and tweeting.

Championing the sounds of instruments such as the Shruti Box, The Ocarina and The Octamatong it would seem he really is the musical jack of all trades and master of most.

"I've been involved in music ever since I can remember", he said. "I've got a very musical family.

"Both my parents were in bands when I was growing up, along with my brother and my aunties and uncles. It was fairly inevitable I would have music in my genes."

Stephen, who has lived in Reading ever since university was recently featured on The Demo Panel and was delighted with the feedback even though not all of it was good.

"You will never produce music that everyone likes and if everyone does, it will probably be just ok", he explained.

"It was really nice to get criticism from people and just having the song played meant that people listened to it and gave me feedback."

New album

Shruti Box
Stephen Caulfield's Shruti Box, which he uses to make unusual sounds

Stephen is currently writing a new album entitled "Park View", inspired by the view out of his home studio in Reading, so what can we expect to hear when it is released?

"It's based around me playing the guitar or piano and then filling in the gaps with drums, strings loops or whatever," he said.

Advances in technology have given the solo artist the ability to experiment with sounds but also connect with other musicians and promote his music.

"I love Twitter," he said. "I don't understand why it wasn't there when the internet was first invented. When you come back from a gig you can read the comments of 200 other people, it puts you in contact with people you otherwise wouldn't have contact with."

Computers have also enabled Stephen to enhance his music. "I play guitar, piano and bass and I also record into a computer which is exciting as you can recreate instruments that you could never afford to buy," he said.

As well as the new album the modern day one-man-band has his eyes set on bigger things, "I'm in Reading, there is the festival, maybe I should look to get myself on the BBC Introducing Stage."

The Session Introducing


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