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Page last updated at 13:47 GMT, Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Session: My Luminaries - 21/03/10
By Matthew Crist

My Luminaries
My Luminaries are playing the Queen's Head stage at Glastonbury 2010

My Luminaries have a lot to look forward to in 2010, they have a new album out and are playing Glastonbury in the June.

So what can festival goers expect to hear this summer? Mike and James popped in to The Session recently for a chat.

"We've been described as a left-field band but also compared to Snow Patrol, we are very song based, James said.

The band are currently promoting their latest release, "Order from the Chaos" which is out this month.

Top names

"It has taken some time to see the light of day but the guys feel the wait will be worthwhile, having enlisted the help of some top names in the music industry.

"Some of the songs or 2 or 3 years old", said the newest member Mike.

"There was a change of direction in the album so it's a relief it's all come together. Some people write the music first, I find sometimes the music and words come together during the writing process".

The album was mixed by production guru Paul Stacey who has worked with some of the top bands in The UK and America.

"He's a bit of a mad professor when it comes to his recording equipment, he's worked with Oasis and The Black Crowes on their latest albums", said James.

Glastonbury magic

The five-piece will be taking to the Queen's Head stage at one of Europe's biggest music festivals in June after submitting their music to the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition which is run in conjunction with Q Magazine.

They were chosen ahead of 1600 other bands who had applied to land the prestigious gig.

James has played there before, appearing on the main stage in 2002 with singer/songwriter Cameron Saul, but the news came as a bit of a shock to Mike, who has never even been to the event.

"Leila sent off our CD but I knew nothing about it, it was only when James text me and told me the news that I knew we had won".

It is a bit of a running joke amongst musicians to say that I am not going to Glastonbury until I am playing there, now I can smugly say that I am", he joked.

Prior to their appearance at Glastonbury My Luminaries are planning a tour in June, including appearances in Reading and London.

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