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Page last updated at 13:56 GMT, Friday, 4 December 2009
Danyl has X Factor, say pupils
Pupils of Danyl Johnson with their parents
Danyl Johnson taught at a Reading dance school

By Emma Midgley
BBC Berkshire reporter

Pupils who were taught dance by Danyl Johnson at a stage school in Reading say the X Factor hopeful is NOT arrogant and cocky.

They also think he has been held back from showing off his dance moves by Simon Cowell.

Danyl who comes from Reading, has huge support from the children and parents who know him from Mo's Dance and Drama School in Caversham.

They say that reports in the media that Danyl is cocky are completely untrue.

Former student Ellie Chapman, 12, said: "It's a load of rubbish that he's too cocky and confident.

See pictures of their visit to BBC Radio Berkshire here.

"If Dan does the same things that Ollie does he gets beaten up for it.
"It's not fair, the press that he's been having.

"I just want to tell all you guys out there that all of that is absolute nonsense. He's exactly the opposite."

Ellie also said that she thought Danyl was being 'held back' by Simon Cowell, and this was giving his biggest competition, Ollie, an advantage.

"They're both in the same category, and a lot of people say 'we really like Ollie because he has so much energy'," she said. "But Dan can do that too, it's almost like he's being held back by Simon Cowell.

"I reckon he should be given the opportunity to dance and sing as well which he did on Saturday."

Danyl Johnson
Danyl Johnson has come under fire for being too cocky and over confident

And the children's parents agree.

Julia, mother of JJ aged nine, said: "We stand and watch him sometimes, and we can see when he's nervous, and then they say he's cocky."

"It had a huge impact on him. He's starting to get over it now, but some of the newspaper articles are horrendous.

"They were wrong, they were very very wrong.

"Cheryl Cole has just got it in for him, as a singer. She's unwilling to give him a chance. "

Claire, Rachel's mother, said: "It makes me angry. A couple of times this week I've tried to put up a posting on a couple of website where I've been horrified by the headlines.

"They use words like diva, and Danyl rants, but I thought 'I'm sorry, he's not a diva'. It's almost brainwashing the public. People will be commenting on things he's done, people start to hear what they want to hear and read what they want to hear.

"He used to make me cups of tea. He's lovely and charming."

Sam Chapman, 13, said that Danyl was an 'inspirational' teacher.

"He was very excitable, very energetic," he said: "He pushed us hard, which helped me quite a bit."

"His energy is definitely something to aspire to and also he is very very good at what he does."

The children and parents only realised that Danyl was set to be an X-Factor hit after seeing trailers for the show on TV.

And since the show has started, they have been watching it non-stop.

Sam said: "When he got into the bottom two I couldn't watch the live results because it was just too hard for me."

Ellie added: "If definitely think he will make it. He has such enthusiasm, I reckon he'll go all the way."

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