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Contact the BBC in Berkshire

We welcome your comments, stories, pictures and feedback on BBC output for Berkshire.

Choose the option below which best suits your requirements.

Online news stories

The BBC News Interactive team is always interested to hear from you if you have information on a current or forthcoming news story.

You can also make a comment about the BBC Berkshire website, or suggest something which could be featured on the site.

Email comments about our coverage or a story suggestion to: south.newsonline@bbc.co.uk and berkshire.online@bbc.co.uk

Or by post: BBC Berkshire, Caversham Park, Peppard Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG4 8TZ

Alternatively, telephone 0118 946 4200

Send a mobile phone photo or video clip about a news story to: 07834 845220 ( See terms and conditions)

We will presume that we may quote what you say, unless you ask us not to. It would also help if you could include telephone numbers where you can be reached. We cannot promise always to reply individually, but we will be very pleased to read what you have to say.

BBC South Today

If your story or comment is for the regional television news programme South Today, please send your e-mail to south.today@bbc.co.uk .

BBC Radio Berkshire
  • On-air - On-air - call a show: 0845 900 1041
  • Text number: 81333 with the word BERKS before your message (for SMS messages, videos and photos). When you text 81333 you will be charged at your standard message rate.
  • Main switchboard: 0118 946 4200
  • Travel desk: 08459 311 333
  • Email news stories to radio.berkshire.news@bbc.co.uk or email details of events for inclusion in the 'what's on' guide to berkshireevents@bbc.co.uk

Or use this form to contact us:

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The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide.



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