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Lunes, 2 de febrero de 2004 - 17:04 GMT
La independencia de la BBC
Greg Dyke, ex director general de la BBC
Greg Dyke, ex director general de la BBC.

Two of the BBC's most senior executives resigned following the publication of the report into the events surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly, a government scientist.

This report from Keith Adams:

The BBC now finds two seats empty at its most senior managerial level - those of its chairman and its director general. Even though the resignations resulted from a conflict between the government and the corporation - it is now the government which will appoint a new BBC chairman. And it is that new chairman who will help appoint a new BBC director general. The Scottish National politician, Alex Salmond, is among those who question the government's role in filling the posts.

"Who on earth under the current circumstances is going to trust the Prime Minister to appoint a chairman of the board of governors, who'll then appoint the next director general? Are we really to believe with the two top men at the BBC fallen because basically they'd dared to criticise the government on a sensitive issue, then this is going to be an appointment that's going to inspire public confidence?"

The BBC is funded by a fee paid by each household in the UK that has a television. The government is just beginning a review of that system - as it does once every ten years. The charter review, as it's called. Some fear the BBC could go too far in trying to please the government following the Kelly affair, because it relies upon the renewal of the charter for its funding.

Following its battle with the BBC, the government knows it must avoid any perception that it's interfering with the corporation. In accepting the corporation's apology on Thursday, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made reference to the broadcaster's impartiality. He said the BBC should probe and question the government in every proper way. His Culture Minister, Tessa Jowell, who is overseeing the review of the BBC's charter, says it's impossible for the government to threaten the corporation's independence.

"The BBC is constitutionally independent and will continue to be so, and what is important now is that, in the wake of Gavin Davies's and Greg Dyke's resignations - honourable resignations - that the BBC moves forward and does so because it is the principal, most important, public service broadcaster in the country. It is envied around the world and it is cherished by the people of this country."

most senior managerial level
nivel más alto en la jerarquía de una organización

aquí es la persona encargada de la junta de gobernadores de la BBC

director general
aquí es la persona encargada de la dirección ejecutiva de la BBC


Who on earth
quién en su sano juicio

current circumstances
en las actuales circunstancias o teniendo en cuenta lo que está sucediendo en estos momentos

inspire public confidence
tendrá la confianza del público

charter review
la revisión formal de un documento que informa sobre la organización y el financiamiento de la BBC

constitutionally independent
permanecerá independiente por la manera en que está constituida la institución

public service broadcaster
una organización sin fines de lucro que transmite programas de radio y televisión

Words in the news - El vocabulario de las noticias


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