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По новостям: Intelligent Design
Dozens of British schools are using creationist materials in science classes, a move that has been condemned by government ministers. Information packs supporting the teaching of Intelligent Design have been sent to every secondary school in the UK and 89 are believed to be using them.

Британские школьники
Правительство Британии выступает против преподавания теории разумного начала в школах
People who believe in Intelligent Design or ID say that it is a scientific alternative to evolution - It explains the way that life has developed on Earth as being guided by an intelligence, a force that many would call God. Its supporters say it is a more sophisticated explanation than creationism - which views the development of the world solely in biblical terms. Intelligent Design accepts many of the scientific aspects of evolution, but sees the guiding hand of God behind them all.

In the United States the teaching of ID has widespread support among conservative christians and has been endorsed by President Bush. In Britain a group called Truth in Science who were responsible for sending ID information packs to secondary schools say that alternatives to Darwin's theory should also be taught.

But Intelligent Design's claims to be scientific have been challenged in the media and more importantly in the courts. In Pennsylvania in 2005, a judge ruled that it was unlawful for schools to teach ID as it was an essentially religious belief. While these arguments about evolution are in their infancy in the UK, a Government minister has said that Intelligent Design is not included in the national curriculum and should not be taught in schools. The majority of scientists in Britain support this view.

  • Intelligent Design - теория разумного начала
  • sophisticated - замысловатое
  • solely - только, исключительно
  • hand of God - провидение
  • widespread support - широкую поддержку
  • has been endorsed - было одобрено
  • have been challenged - поставлены под сомнение
  • is not included in the national curriculum - не включена в государственную учебную программу

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