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Water is essential to everyone but some people have a strangely close relationship with it.

In our short films meet three unusual characters who all share a love of water; and explore the architecture of Victorian water works.

The Lido

In sub-zero temperatures, 76-year-old Dr Ray Anderson breaks the ice on a outdoor pool in south London and takes a dawn dip. He has swum at the same pool every day for decades, and nothing will stop him, not even great slabs of ice.

  Willa On a fashion shoot in Paris, model Willa von Klitsig explains her colossal appetite ... for mineral water.

The Tank Man The Tank Man
On the Isle of Wight, Sean Chandler has a problem. There has been a disagreement in his living room and he is no longer able to swim in his very large aquarium. Pet cat fish, Bison, and his vegetarian piranhas are sure to be disappointed...

The Victorians thought that a supply of clean pure water was the cornerstone of a civilised society. Take a peek at how of the ornate architecture of the age paid homage to water.

Pumping Stations
University lecturer and member of the Victorian Society Richard Gill gets passionate about old pumping stations and admires Victorian civic pride. Pumping Stations

Water Towers
Accompany Richard Gill again as he journeys to some unusual places to visit his favourite lofty lovelies. Water Towers