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Results & Constituencies
 Ynys Mon
Other Labour gain from Plaid Cymru
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Albert Owen Labour 11,906 35.0 +1.8
Eilian Williams Plaid Cymru 11,106 32.6 -6.9
Albie Fox Conservative 7,653 22.5 +1.0
Nicholas Bennett Liberal Democrat 2,772 8.1 +4.3
Francis Wykes UK Independence 359 1.1  
Nona Donald Independent 222 0.7  
Majority 800 2.4
Turnout 34,018 64.0 -10.9
Against 1997 General Election 4.3% from Plaid Cymru to Labour
Lab-Con (against 1997) 0.4% from Conservative to Labour
Against 1999 devolution poll 16.0% from Plaid Cymru to Labour

This seat has had a chequered political history at Westminster. It was held through three decades by Cledwyn Hughes for Labour until the Conservatives unexpectedly captured it when the Tories came to power in 1979. The Tories retained it in 1983, although Plaid Cymru had by that time emerged as the main challenger.

Aided by the Tory MP Keith Best's disgrace over a share deception, Plaid's Ieuan Wyn Jones snatched the seat in 1987, retaining it with narrow majorities over the Conservatives in 1992 and Labour in 1997.

Anglesey is a predominantly rural island, although it has some heavier industry around Holyhead, where the ferry terminal is an important employer. Agriculture and tourism are major industries, and there is also a substantial retirement population.

The island is predominantly Welsh-speaking, with 62% of the population registering as Welsh speakers.

Anglesey Aluminium is the island's largest employer (550 people). The DTI's decision to lift the moratorium on gas-fired power stations means that a new one could be built on the island, safeguarding the aluminium jobs and creating around a hundred more.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 Ynys Mon
Plaid Cymru hold
Name Party Votes %
Ieuan Wyn Jones Plaid Cymru 15,756 39.5
Owen Edwards Labour 13,275 33.2
Gwilym Owen Conservative 8,569 21.5
Derek Burnham Liberal Democrat 1,537 3.8
Hugh Gray Morris Referendum 793 2.0
Majority 2,481 6.2
Turnout 39,930 74.9
1999 Welsh Assembly Election
 Ynys Mon
Plaid Cymru win
Name Party Votes %
Ieuan Wyn Jones Plaid Cymru 16,462 52.5
Albert Owen Labour 7,181 22.9
Peter Rogers Conservative 6,031 19.3
James Clarke Liberal Democrat 1,630 5.2
Majority 9,281 29.6
Turnout 31,304 59.9