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Results & Constituencies
Other Conservative hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
John Randall Conservative 15,751 47.1 +3.5
David Salisbury Jones Labour 13,653 40.9 -0.9
Catherine Royce Liberal Democrat 3,426 10.3 -0.6
Paul Cannons UK Independence 588 1.8  
Majority 2,098 6.3
Turnout 33,418 57.6 -14.8
Against 1997 General Election 2.2% from Labour to Conservative

Uxbridge is a part of outer London's "surburban sprawl" and is comprised of a collection of communities in Ickenham, Cowley, Hillingdon, Colham, Yiewsley and West Drayton.

These were once individual villages and have kept some of their character, but the passage of time and housing development has inevitably merged them into one and other. Many of the constituents think of themselves as living in Middlesex, rather than in west London.

Uxbridge houses one of Brunel University’s sites, it is a large and modern campus - with the River Pinn flowing though its grounds - and is also the university’s administrative base. There are also several nature reserves to be found in this seat; Muntjac deer graze only half a mile from Uxbridge town centre.

The first by-election after the 1997 general election was held here, caused by the death of Sir Michael Shersby just a week after the election.

Sir Michael had only held onto the seat for the Tories by fewer than 800 votes, so campaigning for the by-election in July 1997 was fervent. However, in the event the Tories managed to return their candidate John Randall with a far greater majority of over 3,700 votes.

Past Results

1997 General Election
Conservative hold
Name Party Votes %
Michael Shersby Conservative 18,095 43.6
David Williams Labour 17,371 41.8
Andrew Malyan Liberal Democrat 4,528 10.9
Garrick Aird Referendum 1,153 2.8
Julia Leonard Socialist Party 398 1.0
Majority 724 1.7
Turnout 41,545 72.4
Parliamentary By-Election
Conservative hold
Name Party Votes %
A Randall Conservative 16,288 51.1
A Slaughter Labour 12,522 39.3
K Kerr Liberal Democrat 1,792 5.6
L Sutch Loony 396 1.3
J Leonard Socialist Party 259 0.8
F Taylor BNP 205 0.7
I Anderson Nat Democrat 157 0.5
J McAuley National Front 110 0.3
H Middleton Independent 69 0.2
J Feisenberger UK Independence 39 0.1
R Carroll Rainbow 30 0.1
Majority 3,766 11.8
Turnout 31,867 55.5