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Results & Constituencies
Other Liberal Democrat hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Lembit Opik Liberal Democrat 14,319 49.4 +3.5
David Jones Conservative 8,085 27.9 +1.8
Paul Davies Labour 3,443 11.9 -7.2
David Senior Plaid Cymru 1,969 6.8 +1.8
David Rowlands UK Independence 786 2.7  
Ruth Davies ProLife Alliance 210 0.7  
Reginald Taylor Independent 171 0.6  
Majority 6,234 21.5
Turnout 28,983 65.5 -9.2
Against 1997 General Election 0.9% from Conservative to Liberal Democrat
Lab-Con (against 1997) 4.5% from Labour to Conservative
Against 1999 devolution poll 2.0% from Liberal Democrat to Conservative

A traditional Liberal Democrat stronghold at Westminster, the seat has been held by the party or its predecessors for almost a century, only once passing out of their control - in 1979 when the Tories took it for a single parliament. Lembit Opik held it for the Liberal Democrats at the 1997 general election, with a majority of 19.8% over the Tories.

The constituency is part of the Powys local authority, whose electors voted No in the 1997 devolution referendum by a majority of 7,928. In the 1999 National Assembly elections, the Liberal Democrats' Mick Bates won the seat with a majority of 25.7%. The Conservatives were in second place, with 23% of the vote.

This mid Wales border seat is almost entirely rural, containing the towns of Welshpool and Newtown. Newtown was formerly the headquarters of the Development Board for Rural Wales (DBRW), the functions of which have now been absorbed into the Welsh Development Agency (WDA). As a result, the area, and Newtown in particular, has seen a range of industrial developments. The electorate is largely English-speaking, although Welsh is the main language of many communities in the western portion of the constituency.

Past Results

1997 General Election
Liberal Democrat hold
Name Party Votes %
Lembit Opik Liberal Democrat 14,647 45.9
Glyn Davies Conservative 8,344 26.1
Angharad Davies Labour 6,109 19.1
Helen Mary Jones Plaid Cymru 1,608 5.0
John Bufton Referendum 879 2.8
Sue Walker Green 338 1.1
Majority 6,303 19.7
Turnout 31,925 74.7
1999 Welsh Assembly Election
Liberal Democrat win
Name Party Votes %
Mick Bates Liberal Democrat 10,374 48.3
Glyn Davies Conservative 4,870 22.7
David Senior Plaid Cymru 3,554 16.5
Chris Hewitt Labour 2,638 12.3
Majority 5,504 25.6
Turnout 21,436 49.8