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Results & Constituencies
 Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney
Other Labour hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Dai Havard Labour 19,574 61.8 -14.9
Robert Hughes Plaid Cymru 4,651 14.7 +8.7
Keith Rogers Liberal Democrat 2,385 7.5 0.0
Richard Cuming Conservative 2,272 7.2 +0.8
Jeffrey Edwards Independent 1,936 6.1  
Ken Evans Socialist Labour 692 2.2  
Anthony Lewis ProLife Alliance 174 0.5  
Majority 14,923 47.1
Turnout 31,684 57.4 -11.9
Against 1997 General Election 11.8% from Labour to Plaid Cymru
Lab-Con (against 1997) 7.8% from Labour to Conservative
Against 1999 devolution poll 15.1% from Plaid Cymru to Labour

Labour's Ted Rowlands, who has held this seat since 1972, recorded a majority of 27,086 over the Liberal Democrats in 1997.

Many parts of the UK claim to be the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Merthyr has as good a claim as any. The town was built first on iron and later coal. Its iron works at Cyfartha were at one time the largest in the world and the town can claim a notable list of other firsts. It had the world's first steam railway (pre-dating the Stockton and Darlington by some years). It saw the first raising of the red flag during a week long workers' uprising in 1832 and it later elected Keir Hardie - one of the founders of the Labour movement - its MP.

In the town of Merthyr itself little remains of the old industrial heritage. The town is dominated by a series of large council estates with high levels of unemployment and deprivation. To the south of Merthyr the constituency extends for ten miles along the floor of the Taff Valley, where the 1966 Aberfan disaster, when colliery waste engulfed the local junior school, is still an open wound.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney
Labour hold
Name Party Votes %
Ted Rowlands Labour 30,012 76.7
Duncan Anstey Liberal Democrat 2,926 7.5
Jonathan Morgan Conservative 2,508 6.4
Alun Cox Plaid Cymru 2,344 6.0
Alan Cowdell Independent 691 1.8
Ron Hutchings Referendum 660 1.7
Majority 27,086 69.2
Turnout 39,141 69.3
1999 Welsh Assembly Election
 Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney
Labour win
Name Party Votes %
Huw Lewis Labour 11,024 43.9
Alun Cox Plaid Cymru 6,810 27.1
Tony Rogers Independent 3,746 14.9
Elwyn Jones Liberal Democrat 1,682 6.7
Carole Hyde Conservative 1,246 5.0
Mike Jenkins United Socialist 580 2.3
Majority 4,214 16.8
Turnout 25,088 45.2