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Results & Constituencies
 Fife North East
Other Liberal Democrat hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Menzies Campbell Liberal Democrat 17,926 51.7 +0.5
Mike Scott-Hayward Conservative 8,190 23.6 -2.9
Claire Brennan Labour 3,950 11.4 +1.1
Kris Murray-Browne SNP 3,596 10.4 -0.5
Keith White Scottish Socialist 610 1.8  
Leslie Von Goetz Legal cannabis 420 1.2  
Majority 9,736 28.1
Turnout 34,692 56.0 -15.2
Against 1997 General Election 1.7% from Conservative to Liberal Democrat
Lab-Con (against 1997) 2.0% from Conservative to Labour
Against 1999 devolution poll 7.0% from Conservative to Liberal Democrat

Of the five Fife constituencies, this is the only one not held by Labour. One would imagine that with its prime farmland, popular tourist resorts and elegant market towns it would be a Tory seat, and indeed that was the case up until 1987, but since then it has been held for the Liberal Democrats by Menzies Campbell.

Fife North East contains some of the best groomed towns in Scotland. Cupar, the capital of Fife, is a bustling market town but the most famous town in the seat, St Andrews, is perhaps the most conservative.

The home of golf, St Andrews also houses Scotlandís oldest university, founded in 1410. Graduates include the Conservative former Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth, Dr Madsen Pirie, founder of the Adam Smith Institute, and a host of former Tory ministers including Chris Chope, Allan Stewart, Rob Jones and Michael Fallon. Former SNP leader Alex Salmond is also a St Andrews alumnus.

The most famous prospective student is Prince William, who starts studying art history here in the autumn of 2001.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 Fife North East
Liberal Democrat hold
Name Party Votes %
Menzies Campbell Liberal Democrat 21,432 51.2
Adam Bruce Conservative 11,076 26.5
Colin Welsh SNP 4,545 10.9
Charles Milne Labour 4,301 10.3
William Nick Stewart Referendum 485 1.2
Majority 10,356 24.8
Turnout 41,839 71.2
1999 Scottish Parliamentary Election
 Fife North East
Liberal Democrat win
Name Party Votes %
Iain Smith Liberal Democrat 13,590 37.8
Edward Brocklebank Conservative 8,526 23.7
Colin Welsh SNP 6,373 17.7
Charles Milne Labour 5,175 14.4
Donald Macgregor Independent 1,540 4.3
Robert Beveridge Independent 737 2.1
Majority 5,064 14.1
Turnout 35,941 58.4