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Results & Constituencies
 Edinburgh South
Other Labour hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Nigel Griffiths Labour 15,671 42.2 -4.6
Marilyne MacLaren Liberal Democrat 10,172 27.4 +9.8
Gordon Buchan Conservative 6,172 16.6 -4.7
Heather Williams SNP 3,683 9.9 -3.0
Colin Fox Scottish Socialist 933 2.5  
Margaret Hendry Legal cannabis 535 1.4  
Majority 5,499 14.8
Turnout 37,166 58.1 -13.7
Against 1997 General Election 7.2% from Labour to Liberal Democrat
Lab-Con (against 1997) 0.0% from Conservative to Labour
Against 1999 devolution poll 0.0% from Labour to Liberal Democrat

This constituency spreads from the Meadows, Bruntsfield and Morningside to the west, and to Priestfield and Prestonfield to the east. Its southerly boundary is at Gilmerton village, Burdiehouse and Mortonhall - where the city meets the bypass linking it to the rest of Scotland.

The Victorian villa suburbs of Merchiston, Morningside and Grange are the home of many of the more well-to-do residents of Edinburgh. The plummy Morningside accent was that parodied in Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, but these areas sit ill at ease with the seat's less well turned-out districts. The peripheral council estates of Kaimes and Gilmerton are a far cry both socially and politically from their upper-crust neighbours.

This seat contains one of the highest proportions of professional and managerial workers in the country. Parts of Edinburgh University and Napier University are located in this seat, which also gives it a large student population.

This was once thought to be a solid Conservative seat - they held it up until 1987 when Michael Ancram was defeated by Labour's Nigel Griffiths. Mr Griffiths increased his majority considerably at both subsequent elections and it now stands at over 25%.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 Edinburgh South
Labour hold
Name Party Votes %
Nigel Griffiths Labour 20,993 46.8
Elizabeth Smith Conservative 9,541 21.3
Mike Pringle Liberal Democrat 7,911 17.6
John Hargreaves SNP 5,791 12.9
Ian McLean Referendum 504 1.1
Bradley Dunn Natural Law 98 0.2
Majority 11,452 25.5
Turnout 44,838 71.8
1999 Scottish Parliamentary Election
 Edinburgh South
Labour win
Name Party Votes %
Angus MacKay Labour 14,869 37.0
Margo MacDonald SNP 9,445 23.5
Mike Pringle Liberal Democrat 8,961 22.3
Iain Whyte Conservative 6,378 15.9
William Black Scottish Workers 482 1.2
Majority 5,424 13.5
Turnout 40,135 62.1