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Results & Constituencies
Other Labour hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Jim Murphy Labour 23,036 47.6 +7.9
Raymond Robertson Conservative 13,895 28.7 -4.8
Allan Steele Liberal Democrat 6,239 12.9 +1.2
Stewart Maxwell SNP 4,137 8.6 -4.5
Peter Murray Scottish Socialist 814 1.7  
Manar Tayan Independent 247 0.5  
Majority 9,141 18.9
Turnout 48,368 70.7 -7.6
Against 1997 General Election 6.3% from Conservative to Labour
Against 1999 devolution poll 7.1% from Conservative to Labour

There is no actual town called Eastwood, the seat instead being composed of a number of middle-class commuter towns in the far south of the Glasgow conurbation, with the addition of industrial Barrhead. A vast majority of housing is owner-occupied, with plenty more land still available for further private developments.

In the south of the seat the only main centre of population is Eaglesham, the first conservation village in Scotland and the site of Rudolph Hess's landing on his "peace" mission to Britain in 1941. Farming is common in this part of the seat, whilst light and service industries form the basis of the economy in the more populated areas in the north. Most of the workforce is in non-manual jobs, however, and good ones at that.

This had been safest Conservative seat in Scotland until the 1997 general election. The sitting Conservative MP Allan Stewart had to resign his candidature for the 1997 election due to allegations about his private life. The following undignified selection battle probably lost the Tories more votes but it was the strength of the Labour landslide across the country that delivered this seat to Jim Murphy.

Past Results

1997 General Election
Labour gain from Conservative
Name Party Votes %
Jim Murphy Labour 20,766 39.7
Paul Cullen Conservative 17,530 33.5
Douglas Yates SNP 6,826 13.1
Christopher Mason Liberal Democrat 6,110 11.7
David Miller Referendum 497 1.0
Manar Tayan ProLife Alliance 393 0.8
Douglas McPherson UK Independence 130 0.2
Majority 3,236 6.2
Turnout 52,252 78.3
1999 Scottish Parliamentary Election
Labour win
Name Party Votes %
Ken Macintosh Labour 16,970 37.4
John Young Conservative 14,845 32.7
Rachel Findlay SNP 8,760 19.3
Anna McCurley Liberal Democrat 4,472 9.9
Manar Tayan Independent 349 1.0
Majority 2,125 4.7
Turnout 45,396 66.7