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Results & Constituencies
Other Labour hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Betty Williams Labour 14,366 41.8 +6.8
David Logan Conservative 8,147 23.7 -0.6
Vicky MacDonald Liberal Democrat 5,800 16.9 -14.3
Ann Owen Plaid Cymru 5,665 16.5 +9.7
Allan Barham UK Independence 388 1.1  
Majority 6,219 18.1
Turnout 34,366 62.8 -12.6
Against 1997 General Election 3.7% from Conservative to Labour
Against 1999 devolution poll 3.2% from Conservative to Labour

Conwy used traditionally to be a Tory seat. Between 1951-1966, it was held by Peter Thomas, who went on to become Secretary of State for Wales. Following a brief period under Labour control, it was held by the Conservatives' Sir Wyn Roberts from 1970, until his retirement in 1997.

The Conservative lead had been steadily decreasing since 1979, with the Liberal Democrats consistently coming second, with a significant third of the vote. However, it was Labourís Betty Williams who won it with a 3.8% majority in 1997.

A further twist was added in 1999, when Conwy returned a Plaid Cymru candidate as its member for the National Assembly. In a narrow victory, Gareth Jones beat the Labour candidate by 114 votes. The local council representation illustrates the recent collapse of Conservative support, and the close battle between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The seat comprises the holiday resort and retirement area of Llandudno combined with Welsh-speaking inland areas which include some of the former slate quarrying communities. It also includes the University of Wales college in Bangor. Access to the constituency has increased dramatically following the opening of the A55.

Past Results

1997 General Election
Labour gain from Conservative
Name Party Votes %
Betty Williams Labour 14,561 35.0
Roger Roberts Liberal Democrat 12,965 31.2
David Jones Conservative 10,085 24.3
Rhodri Davies Plaid Cymru 2,844 6.8
Alan Barham Referendum 760 1.8
Richard Bradley Independent 250 0.6
David Hughes Natural Law 95 0.2
Majority 1,596 3.8
Turnout 41,560 75.4
1999 Welsh Assembly Election
Plaid Cymru win
Name Party Votes %
Gareth Jones Plaid Cymru 8,285 30.5
Cath Sherrington Labour 8,171 30.1
David Jones Conservative 5,006 18.5
Christine Humphreys Liberal Democrat 4,480 16.5
Goronwy Edwards Independent 1,160 4.3
Majority 114 0.3
Turnout 27,102 49.4