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Results & Constituencies
 Cardiff Central
Other Labour hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Jon Owen Jones Labour 13,451 38.6 -5.1
Jenny Willott Liberal Democrat 12,792 36.7 +11.8
Gregory Walker Conservative 5,537 15.9 -4.1
Richard Grigg Plaid Cymru 1,680 4.8 +1.2
Stephen Bartley Green 661 1.9  
Julian Goss Socialist Alliance 283 0.8  
Frank Hughes UK Independence 221 0.6  
Madeleine Jeremy ProLife Alliance 217 0.6  
Majority 659 1.9
Turnout 34,842 58.3 -11.7
Against 1997 General Election 8.5% from Labour to Liberal Democrat
Lab-Con (against 1997) 0.5% from Labour to Conservative
Against 1999 devolution poll 7.0% from Liberal Democrat to Labour

Traditionally Conservative, and throughout the 1980s a three-way marginal, Labour's breakthrough here came in 1992, with a 6% swing from the Tories.

Jon Owen Jones increased his majority by 11.5% in 1997, as the Liberal Democrats replaced the Conservatives as the main challenge.

In the Assembly Elections, the Liberal Democrats managed to capitalise on the large student vote - partly because of their anti-tuition fees policy - to take the seat from Labour.

With 15 Liberal Democrat councillors in the constituency, they will continue to pose a serious challenge to Labour.

The Conservatives will also continue to challenge, after a strong showing in the June 1999 European elections.

The seat comprises Cardiff's city centre business district and university quarter.

Consequently, it has a high proportion of employees in the service sector, and the highest number of students in any Welsh constituency - based largely in the Cathays area.

It has a broad range of socio-economic groups, from the affluent Cyncoed suburban area of the city, to the traditional working class area of Adamsdown.

It is of note that at the level of local government, the Liberal Democrats have gained support in all of these areas.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 Cardiff Central
Labour hold
Name Party Votes %
Jon Jones Labour 18,464 43.7
Jenny Randerson Liberal Democrat 10,541 24.9
David Melding Conservative 8,470 20.0
Terry Burns Socialist Labour 2,230 5.3
Wayne Vernon Plaid Cymru 1,504 3.6
Nick Lloyd Referendum 760 1.8
Craig James Loony 204 0.5
Anthony Hobbs Natural Law 80 0.2
Majority 7,923 18.8
Turnout 42,253 70.0
1999 Welsh Assembly Election
 Cardiff Central
Liberal Democrat win
Name Party Votes %
Jenny Randerson Liberal Democrat 10,937 42.2
Mark Drakeford Labour 7,769 30.0
Owen John Thomas Plaid Cymru 3,795 14.6
Stephen Jones Conservative 3,034 11.7
Julian Goss United Socialist 338 1.3
Majority 3,168 12.2
Turnout 25,873 45.0