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Results & Constituencies
 East Belfast
Other DUP hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Peter Robinson DUP 15,667 42.5 -0.1
Tim Lemon UUP 8,550 23.2 -2.1
David Alderdice Alliance Party NI 5,832 15.8 -8.0
David Ervine PUP 3,669 10.0  
Joe O'Donnell Sinn Fein 1,237 3.4 +1.3
Ciara Farren SDLP 880 2.4 +0.8
Terry Dick Conservative 800 2.2 -0.2
Joe Bell Workers Party 123 0.3 -0.3
Rainbow Weiss Vote 4 Yourself 71 0.2  
Majority 7,117 19.3
Turnout 36,829 63.0 -0.1

It would not be an exaggeration to call this constituency the heartland of Orange, Protestant, loyalist Ulster. Its Catholic population numbers fewer than six in every 100 people, the lowest proportion for any Northern Ireland constituency.

The constituency contains the parliament buildings at Stormont, the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly set up under the Good Friday Agreement.

From an industrial point of view, the most important landmark is the Harland and Wolff shipyard, famed for its giant twin cranes, which are known as Samson and Goliath. Also in the constituency is Belfast City Airport, which is situated by the harbour.

The UUP did not contest this seat in 1987 or 1992, but did so in 1997 and won just over a quarter of the votes cast with the non-sectarian Alliance Party a close third. The DUP won just over 40% of the vote.

At the 1998 Assembly election, the DUP still came out on top with Peter Robinson, but with a much smaller margin between it and the UUP, not least because the loyalist PUP won over 13% of the vote and saw its leader, David Ervine elected as an MLA.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 East Belfast
DUP hold
Name Party Votes %
Peter Robinson DUP 16,640 42.6
Reg Empey UUP 9,886 25.3
Jim Hendron Alliance Party NI 9,288 23.8
Sarah Dines Conservative 928 2.4
Dominic Corr Sinn Fein 810 2.1
Patricia Lewsley SDLP 629 1.6
Derek Dougan Independent 541 1.4
Joseph Bell Workers Party 237 0.6
David Collins Natural Law 70 0.2
Majority 6,754 17.3
Turnout 39,029 63.1