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Results & Constituencies
 East Antrim
Other UUP hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Roy Beggs UUP 13,101 36.4 -2.4
Sammy Wilson DUP 12,973 36.0 +16.5
John Mathews Alliance Party NI 4,483 12.5 -7.7
Danny O'Connor SDLP 2,641 7.3 +2.7
Robert Mason Independent 1,092 3.0  
Janette Graffin Sinn Fein 903 2.5 +0.9
Alan Greer Conservative 807 2.2 -4.6
Majority 128 0.4
Turnout 36,000 59.1 +0.9

This mainly urban division stretches along a coastal strip with the Antrim Hills to the west, and Belfast Lough to the south.

At the top of the constituency are picturesque villages, and part of the Glens of Antrim, while the southern half is dominated by the busy ferry port of Larne and Carrickfergus in the southern half of the constituency.

Larne is known as the 'Gateway to Northern Ireland', with the port being used by people travelling between Northern Ireland and Scotland, as well as those wishing to import and export goods. Much of the area outside of the town is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Carrickfergus has a growing population, despite having suffered severely in the 1980s from the closure of ICI and Courtaulds.

It is a popular tourist town, dominated by a 12th century Norman castle, below the walls of which William of Orange landed in 1690 on his way to the Battle of the Boyne.

Neither Sinn Féin nor the SDLP were able to retain their deposits at the 1997 election.

At the 1998 Assembly election, the Ulster Unionists topped the poll, albeit with a reduced proportion of the vote due to the larger number of Unionist candidates standing; on that day Roy Beggs' son Roy (Jnr) and Alliance Party Leader Sean Neeson were amongst those elected for this seat.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 East Antrim
UUP hold
Name Party Votes %
Roy Beggs UUP 13,318 38.8
Sean Neeson Alliance Party NI 6,929 20.2
Jack McKee DUP 6,682 19.5
Terry Dick Conservative 2,334 6.8
Billy Donaldson PUP 1,751 5.1
Danny O'Connor SDLP 1,576 4.6
Robert Mason Independent 1,145 3.3
Chrissie McAuley Sinn Fein 543 1.6
Maura McCann Natural Law 69 0.2
Majority 6,389 18.6
Turnout 34,347 58.2