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Results & Constituencies
 Alyn & Deeside
Other Labour hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Mark Tami Labour 18,525 52.3 -9.6
Mark Isherwood Conservative 9,303 26.3 +3.5
Derek Burnham Liberal Democrat 4,585 12.9 +3.2
Richard Coombs Plaid Cymru 1,182 3.3 +1.5
Klaus Armstrong-Braun Green 881 2.5  
William Crawford UK Independence 481 1.4  
Max Cooksey Independent 253 0.7  
Glyn Davies Communist Brit 211 0.6  
Majority 9,222 26.0
Turnout 35,421 58.6 -13.6
Against 1997 General Election 6.5% from Labour to Conservative
Against 1999 devolution poll 3.7% from Labour to Conservative

A largely industrial constituency in north-east Wales, adjacent to Chester and Merseyside, and hit heavily by unemployment during the 1970s and 1980s (particularly following the closure of the Shotton Steelworks).

Now heavily dependent on the aerospace factory at Broughton. The refusal, in 2000, of First Secretary Rhodri Morgan to agree to a grant of 25m, so that the wings for the new superjumbo Airbus would be built at Broughton, led to criticism of the Assembly. Aid was later given.

In the 1997 devolution referendum, Flintshire had the third biggest percentage of No votes.

Four times Prime Minister William Gladstone lived in one of Hawarden's two castles. The town also has a boast as the birthplace of Liverpool striker, Michael Owen. The constituency has a Welsh-speaking population of 9.5%.

Alyn & Deeside has been held by former Shadow Welsh Secretary Barry Jones since its creation in 1983. It is part of Flintshire local authority, whose leader, Tom Middlehurst, was elected to the National Assembly in May 1999.

Mr Jones announced in February 2001 that he was standing down at the election.

Past Results

1997 General Election
 Alyn & Deeside
Labour hold
Name Party Votes %
Barry Jones Labour 25,955 61.9
Timothy Roberts Conservative 9,552 22.8
Eleanor Burnham Liberal Democrat 4,076 9.7
Malcolm Jones Referendum 1,627 3.9
Siw Hills Plaid Cymru 738 1.8
Majority 16,403 39.1
Turnout 41,948 72.2
1999 Welsh Assembly Election
 Alyn & Deeside
Labour win
Name Party Votes %
Tom Middlehurst Labour 9,772 51.3
Neil Formstone Conservative 3,413 17.9
Ann Owen Plaid Cymru 2,304 12.1
Jeff Clarke Liberal Democrat 1,879 9.8
John Cooksey Independent 1,333 7.0
Glyn Davies Communist GB 329 1.7
Majority 6,359 33.4
Turnout 19,030 32.3