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Results & Constituencies
 Aberdeen South
Other Labour hold
Name Party Votes % +/- %
Anne Begg Labour 14,696 39.8 +4.5
Ian Yuill Liberal Democrat 10,308 27.9 +0.3
Moray Macdonald Conservative 7,098 19.2 -7.2
Ian Angus SNP 4,293 11.6 +1.8
David Watt Scottish Socialist 495 1.3  
Majority 4,388 11.9
Turnout 36,890 62.6 -10.2
Against 1997 General Election 2.1% from Liberal Democrat to Labour
Lab-Con (against 1997) 5.8% from Conservative to Labour
Against 1999 devolution poll 8.5% from Liberal Democrat to Labour

Aberdeen South contains the city's southern suburbs and some more rural areas which used to be in the old Kincardine & Deeside seat.

The southern part of the city contains many of its more affluent areas and the Aberdeenshire towns of Peterculter, Culter and Milltimber are all quite middle class in character. However, there are also large council estates within the seat such as those at Kincorth and Garthdee.

The main employer in this seat is the oil industry and related services, so the downturn in the oil industry has hit the area hard.

Aberdeen South has been a marginal seat for many years.

It was held by the Conservatives from 1918 until 1966 when a young Labour activist called Donald Dewar won it. The Conservatives regained it in 1970 and held it until 1987 when it was won by Labourís Frank Doran.

Significant boundary changes in 1995 theoretically made the seat safer for the Conservatives, but the Toriesí unpopularity in Scotland in 1997 not only allowed Labourís Anne Begg to take the seat but also for the Liberal Democrats to move up to second place.

The fortunes of the Liberal Democrats continued to grow at the 1999 Scottish Parliament elections, which saw their candidate Nicol Stephen MSP capturing the seat with a majority of 1,760 (5.07%).

Past Results

1997 General Election
 Aberdeen South
Labour gain from Conservative
Name Party Votes %
Anne Begg Labour 15,541 35.3
Nicol Stephen Liberal Democrat 12,176 27.6
Raymond Robertson Conservative 11,621 26.4
Jim Towers SNP 4,299 9.8
Rick Wharton Referendum 425 1.0
Majority 3,365 7.6
Turnout 44,062 72.8
1999 Scottish Parliamentary Election
 Aberdeen South
Liberal Democrat win
Name Party Votes %
Nicol Stephen Liberal Democrat 11,300 32.6
Mike Elrick Labour 9,540 27.5
Nanette Milne Conservative 6,993 20.2
Irene McGugan SNP 6,651 19.2
Scott Sutherland Scottish Workers 206 0.6
Majority 1,760 5.1
Turnout 34,690 56.8