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 Party list candidates

'T-U' means candidates elected from the party lists. 'Const' means elected in a constituency.
Natural Law  
Party Candidate Elected
Geoffrey Clements  
Richard Johnson  
Judith Thomas  
Alexander Hankey  
Gerard Valente  
Jeanie Livesley  
Juliette Talyor-Elwes  
Johnathan Hinde  
Michael Mears  
Campaign Against Tube Privatisation  
Party Candidate Elected
Patrick Sikorski  
Oliver New  
Catherine Effer  
Robert Law  
Pam Slinger  
Enoh Itejere  
Brian Munro  
Arwyn Thomas  
Lewis Peacock  
Graham Campbell  
Davey Lyons  
Christian Peoples Alliance  
Party Candidate Elected
Gidoomal Ram  
David Campanale  
Susan May  
Andrew Farmer  
Ellen Greco  
Deepak Mahtani  
Nigel Pooles  
Phillipa Berry  
Stuart MacPherson  
Timothy Ward  
Peter Wolstenholme  
Party Candidate Elected
David Hill  
Peter Hart  
Ken Francis  
Michael Davidson  
Paul Ferguson  
Frank Walsh  
Communist Party of Britain  
Party Candidate Elected
Nick Wright  
Sandra Lusk  
James Beavis  
Monty Goldman  
Salvador Urdiales-Antelo  
Anita Halpin  
Anita Wright  
Kevin Halpin  
Richard Maybin  
Pro-Motorist Small Shop  
Party Candidate Elected
Geoffrey Ben-Nathan  
Brian Bartle  
Russ Conway  
Joseph Pronckus  
Party Candidate Elected
Peter Tatchell (Ind)  

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