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The Listener week: 28.1.00
Number 3198
John Simpson
The revolution will be streamed at 56K
Once, journalists had messenger boys at their beck and call. Now we file copy via a satellite phone and watch our reports online seconds later. John Simpson on how his job has changed.
For change's sake
James Boyle, outgoing controller of Radio 4, tells The Listener how he turned the schedules upside down, and reveals the truth behind his "row" with Jenny Abramsky.

Fi Glover
The Langham Diary
Fi Glover witnesses germ warfare in a hankie, a foreign way with English, and uses one too many exclamation marks.

Birt of an era
Sir John Birt leaves the BBC this week after one of the most controversial periods in the corporation's history. How do his friends and foes judge his time?

What's at the heart of the radical centre?
Huw Edwards revives John Cole's political column, and asks where have all the radicals gone?

All Talk, no trousers
Jonathan Agnew reports that a broadcaster's commitment to a sport means more than the size of its chequebook. And cricket's authorities will ignore that at their peril.

Seeing home as another country
Fergal Keane got close to the much-ignored British underclass during filming for his forthcoming BBC One series. It was not, as a foreign correspondent coming home, what he had expected to see.

re: view

The Listener's culture focus group - including Ekow Eshun - has a considered look at the week's television, radio and advertising. Plus a review of Sam Mendes's American Beauty. Click for culture.

Musical crossroads at the late junction
Bjork on Radio 3? What's going on? Jonathan Duffy reports on the discreet change of key in the classical heartland.

Sue Lawley
Behind the palm trees
Hear Sue Lawley on the highs and lows castaways face before they even get to the desert island.
(in Real and Quicktime)

Book club
Seven years after Trainspotting, Wales is getting the same treatment - in Grits by Niall Griffiths. The Listener invited a barmaid from Bangor, a chef from Glasgow and an antiques dealer from Brighton to read the book and decide whether the Welsh have found their Irvine Welsh.

Star of stage or screen
The lure of the big screen is tempting for young playwrights, but critically-acclaimed Joe Penhall is happy to keep one foot in either camp, as he tells Lucie Maguire.

Bookmark Radcliffe
Radio 1's Mark Radcliffe, a self-declared multi-media metrosexual, wonders if he could make his fortune by telling people what they already know.

tell me...
Geoff Ryman, author of acclaimed online novel 253, says technology has made one huge difference: at last the reader can tell the author just how much his book stinks
Back from the grave
This one-off edition of The Listener sees the revival of one of British journalism's great names. The last editor of the paper-and-ink Listener, Peter Fiddick, looks back on its distinguished past - and looks forward to what the future might hold
"And what are your views on overmanning?"

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