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Death of a dynasty, or just a man?
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 "It was France's worst cable car accident"
Angus Roxburgh reports from the Alps

 "The entire nation is in shock"
Jane Hughes gauges the reaction to JFK Jnr's death
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30 years since the moon landing

"The pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of our Universe is what life is about. It is what we humans do." life is about. It is what we humans do." Wendy Goodwin, Australia

"Before we all go around playing Capt. Kirk Meets Darth Vader, wouldn't it be better to use the resources here on our only known life bearing planet?!" Jonathan Lanz, Denmark


The peace process in Northern Ireland faced one of it most difficult periods as the prime ministers of Britain and Ireland announced an ambitious plan to set up the province's power-sharing executive by 15 July.

The major stumbling block was the Ulster Unionists' refusal to form an executive with Sinn Fein before the IRA agreed to decommission its weapons.

The Northern Ireland Assembly did meet as planned on the 15th without the participation of the Ulster Unionists, but collapsed when the British Government said the executive had to include Unionist representatives.

America mourned the death of John F Kennedy Jr, who died with his wife and sister-in-law in a plane crash. Their cremated remains were scattered at sea.

Attempts at a lasting peace were also being made in the conflict besetting the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the Congo government and its allies agreed with Rwanda and Uganda to stop fighting. Some rebel movements, however, still remained outside the agreement.

The two states which make up the Yugoslav Republic, Montenegro and Serbia, met to decide their future relationship following the conflict in Kosovo, with Montenegro hinting it wanted to secede from the federation.

Genetically modified foods were back in the news in Britain after the head of Greenpeace, Lord Melchett, was arrested and questioned for his part in a raid on fields where government-sponsored trials of GM maize were being undertaken.

JFK Jnr's death was a tragedy for a family that has had a run of desperately bad luck for the last 35 years.

But it is not the national disaster the media has been trying to manufacture.

Former BBC Washington correspondent Charles Wheeler
There were two fatal tragedies in the Alps. Twenty men died when a cable car crashed to the ground in a resort town in the French Alps and 21 died near Interlaken in Switzerland in a canyoning accident.

Two well-respected personalities from differing professions died in the UK - actor Bill Owen, from Last Of The Summer Wine, and former deputy prime minister William Whitelaw.

The showbiz-cum-mock-royal-wedding of the year took place when footballer David Beckham tied the knot with Spice Girl Victoria Adams. The couple received their guests sitting on two red thrones and 'Queen' Victoria wore a 100,000 coronet.

At Wimbledon, the US dominated with Pete Sampras winning the men's singles for a record sixth time, and Lindsay Davenport securing her first Wimbledon title in the women's singles.

In cycling, another American, Lance Armstrong, won the Tour de France.
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