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The London Chamber of Commerce has published a seven-point challenge to candidates to set out measurable performance targets for public transport - on reliability, speed, cost, comfort, safety, sustainability and user choice.

But the real battleground on the issue of transport is the Tube. Overcrowding, dirty carriages, high fares and under investment are all problems which have dogged London Underground.

The government favours private public partnership, which is being endorsed by Frank Dobson. Ken Livingstone wants to freeze tube fares for four years as incentive not to use cars and issue bonds in the system to raise finance for investment.

The Tories are in favour of a complete privatisation of the Tube, including the incentive of free shares to Londoners and season ticket holders, while Liberal Democrat candidate Susan Kramer also favours a bond issue.

Among some of the other policies of candidates are proposals for better policing of bus lanes, increasing the number of bus conductors and creating new bus routes to link the capital through more hi-tech buses. The mayor will also have powers to introduce road user charging and workplace parking levies. This is bound to prove controversial if it is introduced.

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