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Freedom of information

The mayor will be under pressure to run a transparent administration. Various proposals to achieve this include a bi-annual question session on London radio stations or through internet access and a London mayor website.

The Campaign for Freedom of Information wants the mayor to give a robust commitment "over and above" the statute commitments laid down by a Freedom of Information Act to release papers. It wants the mayor to set up standing orders to hold all the proceedings of the Greater London Authority will be held in public unless that information was harmful to the authority if it was disclosed.

A CFOI spokesman said that internet access should be taken as read. "Everything should be on line and the mayor's office should have an intranet so the public can have access to every piece of paper that enters the mayor's office.

"The public should have access unless an officer flags it as closed. This would also enable papers to be posted which are relevant to assembly meetings days in advance."

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