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A poll for the London Evening Standard and independent health group the King's Fund by MORI in 1998 found that 58% of Londoners questioned believed London is an unhealthy place to live. Air pollution, too much traffic and litter were among the contributing factors, the poll suggested.

The mayor will have the power to organise London-wide action to improve the environment. Through more efficient transport policies, the new mayor will hope to reduce the amount of pollution on London's streets.

There will also be pressure on the mayor to increase the amount of pedestrianisation of central London, beginning with areas such as Trafalgar and Parliament Squares. There is equally public anger about the amount of rubbish that litters the capital's streets and the amount of graffiti.

The mayor will be under pressure to foster a new civic pride in London's boroughs. There has also been a suggestion the mayor could begin a tree planting campaign across the capital.

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