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Crime and emergency services

The mayor will be responsible for the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority and the Metropolitan Police. The Metropolitan Police Authority will be appointed and overseen by the mayor.

As well as making pledges to cut crime, the mayor will also want to see the Macpherson report into the death of Stephen Lawrence implemented by the Metropolitan Police. This means fighting racism within the force, including increasing recruitment from ethnic minorities.

The new mayor will want to be leading the war against crime through better policing and also crime prevention. The largest increase in crime in 1998-9 was a 17.5% rise in the City of London.

The same statistics, published in October, showed that the Metropolitan Police has a 22% clear up rate in an area where crime fell by 1.3% in 1998-9.

One option open to the mayor would be to implement a New York-style policy of "zero tolerance" through the policing of petty crime.

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