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Steve Norris

Frank Dobson Steve Norris finally became the Tory candidate for mayor in early 2000, at the second attempt and after a highly-damaging saga for the Conservative Party.

Initially he was soundly beaten by Lord Archer, but the disgraced peer's forced exit from the race in November gave Norris a second chance.

But even then he faced rejection by a party selection committee worried about his colourful past. He was reinstated by popular demand and went on to beat businessman Andrew Boff by a considerable margin.

The former transport minister and MP for Epping Forest, remains best known for the series of affairs he pursued during his 30-year marriage to his wife, Vicky.

When he announced his intention to contest the Tory mayor candidacy, he revealed plans to marry again, to Emma Courtney, his fourth mistress with whom he has a child. The positive impact of the news was slightly muted when his wife's father pointed out the couple had not yet divorced.

During his campaign, he promised better architecture on council estates, support for grammar schools and investment in buses and the tube.

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