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Susan Kramer

Susan Kramer An unknown businesswoman, Susan Kramer promised to make herself electable by campaigning on every one of London's high streets. Formerly a banker to large US companies, Ms Kramer boasts her experience is far more relevant to the job of running London than her Labour and Tory rivals.

Her work also gives her opponents ammunition against her. It has emerged that she arranged funding for the type of private-public partnership initiatives she adamantly opposes for the tube.

She names her goals as transport, policing and the regeneration of the community. She also believes a Lib Dem mayor would set an inclusive blueprint for the role. Her belief is her opponents are ego-driven and would operate without consulting the Greater London Authority.

Her party conference speech poked fun at the troubles in the Conservative and Labour parties in selecting their mayoral candidates. But she later insisted the campaign would be interesting not nasty.

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