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Ram Gidoomal

Glenda Jackson Millionaire businessman Ram Gidoomal stepped into the mayoral race in January as a candidate for the Christian Peoples Alliance, a Christian democratic party. He arrived in the UK in 1967 as a 16-year-old refugee from Kenya and within six months was the owner of six shops. In 1992 he stepped down as vice-chairman of a company worth some £130m and employing 7,000 people, announcing that he would be concentrating his time and wealth on charitable work and community business projects. The Christian Peoples Alliance has adopted Mr Gidoomal as the top candidate on its list for the Greater London Assembly. The party's ticket includes tackling discrimination and regeneration for the inner city areas of the capital. It hopes to appeal to members from all religions, as well as those from none. But it also seeks to ensure “recognition of Christ's sovereignty over the nations and in politics” and the “respect of God's law as the basis for constitutional government and a stable society”.

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