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Michael Newland

Michael Newland The BNP is contesting the London elections saying that "London's had Enough". The party has long advocated a halt to immigration and the "humane repatriation" of ethnic minorities from the UK.

Its manifesto says that life for "decent, hard working, law abiding Londoners is getting more unpleasant all the time.

"Soaring street crime and council taxes; politically correct interference with police service and schools; collapsing public transport and health services; asylum seekers."

The manifesto says that a BNP mayor would stop "politically correct diversity policing", "multicultural indoctrination" in education and reject positive discrimination for public appointments because "it is patronising, and racist against whites".

Mayoral candidate, Michael Newland, is a party spokesman and its national treasurer. He is described by the BNP website as a former building contractor and accountant and lives in Kentish Town, north London.

On 15 December 1999, the Metropolitan Police won an interim injunction at the High Court against Mr Newland and two other BNP defendants for breach of copyright after the party copied a press advertisement from the force's "Race crime is hate crime", campaign and altered the text for its own leaflets.

The Metropolitan Police described the BNP leaflet, which carried the force's emblems, as "particularly offensive". A final hearing date for the case has yet to be set.

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