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Darrren Johnson

Glenda Jackson Darren Johnson was the first candidate of any party to be picked for the mayoral race when he won a ballot of London Green Party members in May last year.

And as he heads the partyís list of candidates for the Greater London Assembly he stands a fair chance of taking a seat in the new body.

Mr Johnson is no stranger to campaigning and helped masterminded the Greenís strategy for the 1994 European election.

A former paid consultant to Friends of the Earth, he has not only pledged to make London a healthier place to live and work but also hopes to reduce the capitalís environmental impact on the rest of the world.

Transport tops the Greenís agenda and if Mr Johnson were mayor congestion charging would be brought in to reduce traffic levels.

Mr Johnson opposes Labourís plans for the Underground and proposes a bond issue to raise investment to improve the Tube network.

As an openly gay candidate for mayor he has also promised to take action to stamp out homophobia and all other forms of discrimination.

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