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Damian Hockney

Damian Hockney
A former member of the Tory party and then a member of the Referendum Party, Damian Hockney is one of the leading members of the UKIP.

This is his second election campaign within the last six months after he polled 450 votes in the Kensington and Chelsea by-election which was won by the Tory candidate Michael Portillo.

Hockney, 43, has lived in Chelsea for 30 years. He is a magazine publisher of market-leading beauty titles and has also written on cosmetic surgery.

His party favours withdrawal from the European Union which, he says, drains 2bn a year from London and threatens the capital with the same levels of unemployment experienced by France and Germany.

Turning to issues closer to home, Hockney is against keen to see lower taxes, less red tape, and fewer parking restrictions.

He says: A global future for London out of the EU would lead to lower tax, together with more money to spend on health, wealth creation, transport and housing.

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