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February - April
Free elections
On 6 February, 1989, Solidarity joined roundtable discussions with the government. Also in attendance were representatives of the church, the United Peasants' Party and the Democratic Party.

Solidarity's position was bolstered by events in the Soviet Union. In March, 1989, the USSR held its first elections in 75 years where there was some degree of choice. Although 80% of Communist Party members won seats, some powerful figures were not elected including Leningrad party chief and Politburo member Yuri Solovyev.

In April, 1989, accords were announced. Solidarity was made legal again and an economic plan was announced. The government promised more freedom for the media, an independent legal system and freedom of association. Elections were set for 4 June. Solidarity had very little money to campaign. Polls predicted it would fare badly.