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Pushing back the curtain
Travel back in time to 1989 in our interactive documentary. Re-live the events, watch historic moments on video and listen to previously unheard testimony from key participants.
Lech Walesa Miklos Nemeth Egon Krenz Jiri Dienstbier Ion Iliescu Gennady Gerasimov
Click on the faces above for an extended interview with a series of eastern Europe's key leaders and revolutionaries.
BBC Radio 4 What You've said
Pushing back the curtain, a landmark series re-examines Europe's Eastern revolutions. For programme schedules and an online archive, click here Watch or listen to Talking Point On Air's debate of what communism meant to you.
Talking Point
Communism - the end of an era
BBC News celebrates Berlin Day: November 9th, 1999
Sights and sounds - ten years on
A multimedia tour of the day the wall came down.
Debate: The invisible curtain.
Can we talk about one Europe or does an invisible curtain still divide the continent?
Revellers mixed with armed guards and an era came to an end.
The fall of Eastern Europe's Communist regimes was supposed to mark the advent of a new era. In our six part series, we look at what did - and didn't - happen after the wall came down.