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Welcome to our special coverage
The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party-led alliance has secured a majority of more than 40 seats in India's general election. BBC News Online's special coverage includes full results, post-election analysis, a guide to the main election battlegrounds with state-by-state details, parties and personalities, key links and best audio and video.

Election Timetable
Indian Elections 99
Campaign News
  Indian parliament's inaugural session
  Sonia to lead parliamentary opposition
  Maharashtra gets new government
Election Features
  Fresh challenges for Vajpayee
  Vajpayee's delicate task
  Congress considers dismal results
Watch & Listen Headline
watch  Mr Vajpayee gets down to coalition building: Daniel Lak reports
listen  BJP Chief Strategist LK Advani: "This coalition is not a compromise, but represents good governance for India"
listen  The BJP's Pramod Mahajan and the Congress party's Jairam Ramesh debate the results
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