Eclipse 1999

Supersonic shot from the UK Air Force
The Genius of the Bastille, Paris, France
A glimmer in the gloom in France
Sunsplash in Nice, France
Cabanas de la Sagra, Spain
A unique start to marriage in Rome, Italy
Eclipse break in a Hungarian factory
Sun block in Berlin
The safe option in Hamburg, Germany
Shepherd’s delight in Germany
Keeping the peace in Kosovo
Romanian women dress up for the occasion
Jovan and keeper, Belgrade Zoo
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Innovative Russians use beer bottle visors
Jordanian women take in the eclipse
Orthodox Jews at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
Egyptian eyes on the Sun
The eclipse comes to Isfahan, Iran.
The 'diamond ring' from Karachi, Pakistan
Eyes up in India
The moonshadow from space
Supersonic shot from the UK Air Force