Israel Elections
Jordan is Israel's closest ally in the Arab world. Until the death of King Hussein in February, Israel counted on the Hashemite king to intervene if tensions with the Arabs boiled over.

Hussein's successor, King Abdullah II, has not shown signs of deviating from his father's path. But he does not yet enjoy the authority of his father.

The country's majority Palestinian population, driven from Palestine in the wars which followed Israel's foundation in 1948, remains suspicious of Israeli intentions. Even the 'East Bank' minority is uncomfortable about the warmth of Hashemite relations with Israel in times of tension.

Jordan is unlikely to revoke its treaty with Israel - too much credit Washington and the West depends on Jordan's "commitment to peace". But tensions abound, from water rights to economic exchange. Jordanians will never warmly embrace Israel, as King Hussein did its leaders, without a just, comprehensive resolution of Palestinian issues.