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 Few possessions even before Hurricane Mitch

Hurricane Mitch 

Extradition 3-2 Pinochet 

Sex, lies and impeachment

Northern Ireland: An historic year

The year the bubble burst

Kosovo: Another Balkan tragedy

Nature's turbulent year

Sport: Trials and triumph


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Sally Becker
The aid worker who was seriously wounded taking medicines to Kosovo.

Malaysia had been suffering all year from the general economic downturn in the region and this led to a split between Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and his deputy and rival, Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar was sacked in September and in November was put on trial on sex and corruption charges which had the country agog with interest.

President Clinton received welcome news when his Democrats made gains in mid-term elections and the Paula Jones case was settled, but moves towards an impeachment vote gathered pace towards the end of the month.

Also in the US, Dr Jack Kevorkian was charged with murder after apparently giving a lethal injection to a terminally-ill patient.

In trouble with the law in America as well was Microsoft. In the company's monopoly battle with the US Government, Bill Gates testified by video to an electrified court.

November was the month when the International Space Station began to take shape and also when the sky was meant to be lit up by the Leonids meteor shower - though the performance did not quite live up to its advance notices.

Back on earth, the impact of Hurricane Mitch became apparent and the Serbs put forward plans for settling the conflict in Kosovo. In the UK, the BSE crisis in the beef industry at last seemed to be coming to a close with the decision by the European Union to allow exports of British beef again. The 80th anniversary of the ending of World War I was widely observed, both in Britain and much of Europe.

Tony Blair became the first UK prime minister to address the Irish parliament, the Dail, since partition in 1922. He appealed for more give and take amid fears that decommissioning might derail the Northern Ireland peace process.

Good-news story of the month was Woofie, a collier-boxer mongrel bitch who was reprieved after being sentenced to be destroyed for barking at a postman.

Galina Starovoitova, a Russian politician, was murdered because of her anti-corruption campaign - to the distress of thousands of her compatriots. Also among those who died this month was Batman creator Bob Kane.

The world of sport saw England go down in the second Ashes Test in Perth in just three days.

Is Bill Clinton off the hook? "A speeder can say sorry, but he still gets a ticket."
"If he can't be loyal to his wife he can't be to America."
Should the debts of Nicaragua and Honduras be written off? "Yes - it is in the interests of humanity."
"No - they need infrastructure and expertise."
Do we love our computers too much? "I found my soulmate on the Net."
"When was the last time you went out for a drink?"
Should Ocalan be extradited to Turkey? "Turkey has no human rights."
"This animal must be caged!"
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