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 From prisoner to president, from president to...

The country comes to London 

The Jonesboro massacre 

Sex, lies and impeachment

Northern Ireland: An historic year

The year the bubble burst

Kosovo: Another Balkan tragedy

Nature's turbulent year

Sport: Trials and triumph


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Jane Couch
The first woman to win a UK professional boxing licence

The violence in Kosovo which has been one of the main themes of 1998 erupted in March with killings, mass demonstrations and the failure of talks.

In the US, two heavily-armed schoolboys aged 11 and 13 opened fire at their school in Jonesboro, killing four children and a teacher. It was to be the first of a spate of similar attacks in the US.

America's President Clinton made an historic trip to South Africa while President Yeltsin of Russia began the slide into losing control of power by sacking his government.

At home, the Budget featured increased spending on health, education and transport while a backbench bill to outlaw hunting with hounds was blocked by the opposition. Westminster was also adorned by the row over the 400-a-roll wallpaper used to redecorate the Lord Chancellor's residence.

In Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein returned to the negotiating table and the chairman, Senator George Mitchell, said it was time to decide rather than just talk.

Titanic submerged all opposition as it won 11 Oscars, tying the record held by the 1959 epic Ben Hur.

In the world of sport, England cricket captain Mike Atherton resigned after being beaten by the West Indies, two directors resigned - temporarily - from Newcastle United FC after being extremely rude about their fans, and Jane Couch became the first woman in the UK to be awarded a boxing licence.

Comedy fans were saddened by the death of actor Dermot Morgan, TV's Father Ted.

Should America ban the handgun? "Self defence is a God-given right."
"Paranoid Americans should stop being so utterly selfish."
Should Louise Woodward be re-tried? "She's suffered enough and should come home."
"Painful though it will be, it's the best option."
Did Dr Spock get it wrong? "Of course - the inmates shouldn't run the asylum."
"He said love your kids. Who can disagree with that?"
Should we build a base on the moon? "We've ruined earth, why go and ruin somewhere else?"
"The only way to avoid extinction is to move into space."
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