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 A skiing trip turns into tragedy

Tragedy in the snow 

Lord Healey on Enoch Powell:
"A man with a powerful intellect but his political judgement was mistaken." 

Sex, lies and impeachment

Northern Ireland: An historic year

The year the bubble burst

Kosovo: Another Balkan tragedy

Nature's turbulent year

Sport: Trials and triumph


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Touched by the Angel
Ordinary people whose lives have been affected by the huge Angel of the North statue

There was tragedy in Italy in February as a US military jet cut the wire of a cable car in the Dolomites, killing 20 skiers.

America itself saw the execution of the first woman in Texas - Karla Faye Tucker - for more than 100 years.

An earthquake in Afghanistan killed 4,000 people.

Other important world stories saw the head of the Israeli secret service forced to resign after a bungled assassination attempt and the top bureaucrat in the French island of Corsica murdered by separatists.

In the UK, Richard Branson won a libel case against the head of the company running the National Lottery over a bribe he said he was offered. In the fallout, the lottery regulator resigned and new rules were brought in.

Sinn Fein was expelled, kicking and screaming, from the Northern Ireland peace talks after the IRA was linked with several murders and global economic problems began to hit the UK as Hyundai cancelled a new factory in Scotland.

Enoch Powell, notorious for his 'Rivers of Blood' speech on race, died and received much praise for his abilities, if not his policies.

A particularly unpleasant court case ended with the acquittal of two 10-year-old boys accused of raping a nine-year-old girl at their school.

The massive Angel of the North statue was raised into position near Gateshead and there was a fun row between the UK and the US over which country should possess the original Winnie the Pooh.

Sport saw the Winter Olympics in Japan, the departure of Ruud Gullit from the manager's job at Chelsea and the rare sight of an England Test victory over the West Indies.

Are women overworked and underpaid? "Women are a victim of their own success."
"Aren't a lot of men overworked and underpaid as well?"
Can Saddam be trusted? "You're joking."
"The question is, can the US and the UK be trusted?"
Is smoking cannabis wrong? "If smoking and drinking are right, cannabis is not wrong."
"Decriminalisation would threaten society."
Do we take soap operas too seriously? "Issues in soaps can highlight national causes."
"Get a life... sit back and relax... geez!!"
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